🌹Chapter Twenty - Four🌹

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🌹R O S E🌹


I don't know if I'm more nervous about the date with Me. Knight or seeing him. Going on a date with my boss isn't exactly what I had in mind for the night, then again I wouldn't have done anything else. I didn't have anything planned for the night or the evening.

I'm not the type to plan these things, I just do whatever I feel like and often it is watching something on Netflix or just do something in my computer. Almost all time I'm bored and have not much to do. I'm so nervous about tonight.

I fiddle with my fingers and while I wait for time to pass by, I've been ready for the past ten minutes and on a good time too, because in only five minutes, Mr. Knight will show up to take me on our date. The date I'm so anxious about going to.

I don't know if he will like how I look, I don't even know why I care why it matters that to show him how good I look, I don't even know if I look nice. I'm wearing the same dress from the last time we went on a date with his friend, William.

Sadly, I admit that I don't own that many dresses that could make me look beautiful for him, I already know that he has every woman at his beck and call and impressing him is something that matters to me. Don't so me why, because I have no idea why. I just feel like I have to.

Four minutes. Time isn't really passing right now, and when it passes so slowly, I feel more nervous and anxious. My nerves get more and more increased. I fear that I might faint from the nerves if time doesn't pass soon enough. I take deep breaths and exhale, to calm my racing heart.

I don't know why I'm so nervous about this date. Three minutes. It's only one date, I've been on dates before and I've never been this nervous about them before. Then again, I never really felt like this, I don't even know what I'm feeling.

Everything's so confusing. I feel like the world has turned upside down and nothing makes sense to me anything. I don't understand anything at all, but I do know one thing. It all circles around Mr. Knight. Two minutes. I watch the clock on the wall count the time.

When it comes to Mr. Knight, time always seems to pass slowly. I try to do something in my phone, check my Instagram or Snapchat, but it never seems to occupy me. My eyes keep wandering to the clock on the wall to see it down the seconds until we will come.

One minute. My heart is heating so fast that I can hear it in my chest. When the minutes pass, it draws closer to him coming here and the date, yet as they pass, I feel more and more nervous and terrified of it. It's strange how terrified, yet exited I am to go on that date.

A knock on the door, at exactly seven. I giggle to myself. When he said sharp, he actually meant sharp. This man. I'm quick to stand on my feet and walk to the door and open it. There he stands, in all his handsome beauty. Wait what? What did I just say?

I can't believe that I said that. I smile at him when I see him. "Ready to go?" He asks me, he looks at me and he has something in his eyes that I've never seen before. I don't know what it is, but I sort of like it there. I nod my head. "Yes" I say as I walk outside and close the door.

Together we go downstairs to the car, again he has this sort of limousine car. And a driver. He opens the door for me. "Thank you" I say to him as I enter the car and he gets in after me. "So, where are we going?" I ask him after the drover starts the car.

"I thought it would be better for you to visit the same restaurant as we went before, minus William. Just so you're comfortable, and the fancy restaurant will have paparazzi. After the article, I have a feeling that people will want to get a statement from you" He says.

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