Tears and Love ...Second Part :D

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<3 ...SECOND PART... :D

~There they were.. Still recovering from that heartbreak. They were now walking hand by hand...Half smiling, she shifted her look towards him. He noticed, and looked back at her.

"Would you stay here... I have to.. You know.. Break up with him.. Now.." she smoothly asked.. He kissed her forehead and nodded.. She walked away towards her boyfriend.

"Um.. Hey.. We have to talk.." she interrupted him as he laughed with his friends.

"Ugh.. Why now?!" he said in agony with mad eyes.

" Well. Its important.. Please.." She said, glancing at her true love that was naturally standing in a corner secretly watching.

"Oh fine.." he said under his breath.

All this time he had barely showed interest in their relationship, since she said she was too busy to go to their first date. She said sorry, but he was too mad to forgive her innocence. Now it was time for him to pay the price for being such an ignorant.

"So what is it?" he tried to ask sweetly. "Well.. I really don't know how to tell you this.." she started.. "You see... you are a very smart, lovely person.. And I enjoy being with you, but-" "ah ah ah.. No buts about this... You're mine and that's it" he interrupted, getting close enough at her to make her start backing off...

"Uh, yea.. But there's something that has happened..." she said as she put her hands in his chest so he stopped moving forward. Now he would just stare at her, deeply, seriously. She tried to speak, but the stare had half paralyzed her senses.

As her true love watched, he noticed what was going on. He did a loud cough, mixed with a sneeze trying to distract her and wake her up, but that just made him choke on his own air... Hearing this, she snapped out of her shock... She knew he wasn't happy about this situation.

"Look.. I'm a little confused, because... I kind of started... I started missing... my ex.." she said looking down. "And yeah... I'm confused and I don't like..." she continued but stopped to look up at his reaction.

She had never seen him in such a serious face. He was looking away, with pissed off eyes, and pressed lips... now she was worried. Last time he got pissed, someone got hurt. And she was afraid that that someone could be her this time.

"Oh so it first turns out that you mysteriously cant go on a date with me and NOW you appear to have a crush at two guys?! That just amazing! You see, you can NEVER make up your mind!" he started talking loud to her.

"I'm sorry, really... But you cant decide for me alright? I'm going through a lot and the least I expect from you is to help me, not to yell at me!" she told him back.

"Don't talk back to me! I'm your boyfriend and you respect me!" he yelled.

"Well you were!! We are over!" She said loud and firmly.

"You cant leave me! We just started!" he said loudly, but calming himself down. "And we just ended." She sharply said, with serious eyes. She was upset. She thought he was an understanding person...Someone she could trust, but he wasn't.

"That's it! Where is he?!" he said, completely furious. "I'm going to hurt that bastard for stealing you from me!".

"Hey, there's no need to hurt anyone.. Just calm down ok?". She said alerted. By the time she was putting her hands in his shoulders to calm him down, another girl came to them. "Oh hey.. What are you doing honey?" she said, leaning herself against him.

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