Meet Me at the Crossroads

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Last time I saw you, you burned to a crisp with a smile on your face. You made a deal to sell your soul, and crush me in the process. I didn't know I had a heart until then. But I felt it break.

That fire, that deal, that demon...all took away the man I loved. I was against killing my own, but that day I sent a crossroads demon to Purgatory. I sent them there with a broken heart and a burning rage. I was never a good person as a human. I was worse as a Crossroads Demon.

I made more and more deals, continuously sending more and more souls straight to Hell. I lost myself in alcohol and deals, hoping to drown the memory. But alas, I couldn't. The more I drank, the more that memory was burned into my brain.

But I've caught a glimpse of you now. All these years later, a single glimpse. Oh, what have you done? You became one of my kind. But at what cost?

So meet me at the crossroads, meet me where our kind makes deals. Meet me there and we can begin again.

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