Singer's Dream

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The studio was painted a light shade of minty green on the far wall. The long couch in the corner was a dark leather one and looked comfortable from even from where I was standing-which was in the corner. Not that I had acted badly, but because I was auditioning. Auditioning to be on a weekly show called, Singer's Dream, where a group of talented high school kids, more like wannabes, sing and they see who wins over an eight week deadline. Every night, you sing and perform without a band or background dancers. The five judges( Cole Wilds, a famous choreographer, Lucy Stilleys, a dancer, Gregg Richard's, a local but well known rapper, Steve Yolks, a director, and Dean Smith, the best and cutest of all, he was the winner of the show for three years straight and very well known in this town. He was the main reason I was here). They would vote for you and every other night someone out of 40 would be sent home. I guessI was sort of hopingDean wouldsee my talent, and magically fall in love with me and we'd live happily ever after in New York or somewhere. Like that would ever happen!

Suddenly, a person yelled my name and said it was my turn. I hadn't been nervous until now: that aching feeling in your gut was taking over. I brushed my light golden-colored hair out of my face and stood up and walked into the try-out room. If I got in, I'd perform here every night!

"Carly Adams?" Lucy announced to make sure. I stood before the perfect judges as they stared at me.

"Yeah, that's me!" I cried lamely.

"Well...Begin. No one's stopping you," Dean said in hislow voice.

I sang Love Story by Taylor Swift. I hit all the notes right and sounded just like Taylor. I thought I did pretty good! Cole seemed to agree.

"Wow! You sounded like you were on a realalbum! I have no words. That was the best I've heard all day. Honestly honey. You've got the stuff." Cole laughed and applauded.

"I agree with Cole." Lucy admitted. I just stood there smiling like an idiot.

"That was awesome. I will be seeing you hopefully on the show!" Steve exclaimed.

"Good sweetie." Gregg approved. Now I was nervous. Flawless Dean would be judging me! He must like me, everyone else seemed to.

"I was actually surprised. When you walked in here I thought you would be decent. That performance was terrible! I totally disagree with you guys! She's utterly bad- are you guys sick or something?" My once perfect Dean scoffed.

"For your information, it takes a lot of nerve to get up here and sing in front of total strangers. If you don't like me, keep it to yourself. Four of five like me, so I'm on the show and I'm going to win. Excuse me. See you tomorrow." I defend myself and take a step towards the door.

"I doubt we'll see you win," Dean chuckled.

"Watch me," I challenge, and began once again towards the door. That's when things got bad. I tripped over nothing, and fell face first on the hard ground. No one laughed except Dean, who was cracking up.

"Dean, go show Carly to the bathroom to wash off that blood on her lip, please. Are you okay, sweetie?" Lucy asked. I stood up, embarrassed, but I wouldn't pass up on an offer to be with Dean no matter how much of a jerk he is.

"I'm sure she can go alone. She is not five years old," Dean protested. Lucy glared at him. He finally stood up and looked towards me.

"I guess I can't say no when some stranger is drooling out blood." Dean muttered and walked a pace in front of me down the hall.

"I'm sure I can find thebathroom now. Sorry you were pressured into taking me. You shouldn't have to stay. Remember, I'm not five years old."

"Just be quiet and stay behind me. Sometimes I wish that only people who truly had talent would come and not waste my time." Dean said under his breath.

"So am I just a waste of time?" I wondered.

"Pretty much." He stopped by a door and walked away. I felt cold and dumb. Then I pressed a finger to my lip and it stung. Forget Dean.


Luckily, I won and I'd get to perform tonight. Yeah.

The only good thing now is that I'd get to wear my new black boots and gold, shiny shirt. I was wearing my mini jean skirt with hot pink leggins. I was curling my hair and I already put on a glossy red lip-stick. Mom would drive me since my Toyota was getting an oil change at the moment. Dad and Anthony, my brother, would meet Mom there. They even bought front row tickets to see me perform even thogh they hear me every night in the shower. This would be different, though, I'd be seen by thousands tonight!

Even Dean wouldn't spoil this.

That changed, however, as soon as I stepped onto stage and saw him and about 2,000 other people in the audience. After the applauding died down, I started singing Breathe. At first, my voice was shaky at first, but as soon as the song got started in the higher notes, it was okay. Once the song was over, everyone applauded. Even Dean!

Since tonight was the first night,they were going to illiminate five of forty people. I stood next to the person on the end. Steve said a little speech about how we were all talented otherwise you wouldn't be here. We only accepted people with obvious talent. The people who aren't going to be continuing are: Cecilia Pinade, Gracie Lummame, Seth Plywood, Tiara Hargers, and Carly Adams.

Wait- did Steve say me? NOOOO! I ran off the stage and cried in the closet. I was wailing when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Go away!" I didn't even bother to look up to see who it was. Who cared? until I heard Dean's velvety voice.

"I'm sorry you ddidn't make it, I tried to let you stay. Just compared to the others, the other judges just didn't agree." Dean apoligized.

"You don't even like me," I reasoned with him.

"The reason why I acted so utterly rudely was because I was afraid you'd take my place. That is so selfish of me, you are so amazing and I should accept you." Dean leaned over and kissed me.


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