Chapter 20: A Drop in the Ocean

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Here is Chapter 20,

I don't claim ownership to Shedd aquarium or M.Henry seeing as they are actual places

so yes, I did my research and actually google-mapped how far the aquarium was from M.Henry lol

so if any of you are actually from Chicago and know these places I apologize if I got stuff wrong!


(Ps. oh my gosh the cover video I posted, isn't the guy like super hot *u* he kinda looks like how I imagined Demyan looks except for Demyan has green eyes  and a bit more chiseled features per-say <3 )


A drop in the ocean- Ron Pope

"A drop in the ocean
A change in the weather
I was praying that you and me might end up together
It's like wishing for rain as I stand in the desert
But I'm holding you closer than most 'cause you are my heaven
You are my heaven"


Auctioned Hearts 20
My face was still red from when Peyton kissed me, and I couldn’t seem to focus on anything as we made our way through the main entrance. Peyton gave my hand a little squeeze as the security guards for the aquarium let us in. I looked back at all the people waiting in line and felt a bit guilty; they were probably waiting there for hours while Peyton and I get to just waltz in. As soon as we entered I forgot about the line. The inside was extravagant and I was blown away! The aquarium was decorated with hanging chandeliers and carved pillars giving decoration to a high ceiling; the engravings made it look like Atlantis instead of a measly aquarium building!

“So,” I started “Are we taking a tour?”

“Non.” Peyton winked at me leaning in a bit close so his warm, minty breath hit my face.

“Je tiens à de se perdre avec vous.”

I raise a questioning eyebrow and he chuckles leaning in even closer so his mouth was right by my ear and his blond hair was tickling my cheek.

“I want to get lost with you, love.”

My face went red, causing him to chuckle even more.

Stupid Peyton playing with me like that!
I glared at him and he raised a hand up in a submissive gesture while his other hand still held mine.

We made our way into the first room and the whole wall was filled with different tanks of different ocean life forms.
I gasped looking at the jellyfish as they floated and bobbed around the tank. The room was dark to give emphasis to the bright lights on its …tentacles were they called?

“They are so beautiful but getting close to one could probably kill a man,” I chuckled to Peyton and he gave a smile. I looked upon the strange life forms in awe, wondering how it was even possible for these things to be possible. They were so beautiful, the tentacles floating after them like a dress in water.

I smiled, looking in wonder,
“Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live underwater?” I whisper to Peyton still looking at the jellyfish.

“No, and I don’t think I’d like to try.” He jokes then tugs me lightly, “Come on cherie, the jellyfish are getting embarrassed by your stares.”

I smile up at him then remember the kiss, I remove my hand from his as my face goes red.

“Y-yeah.” I stutter as I continue to walk along.

-P.O.V Peyton-

Ever since I kissed her she has been acting weird, like, standoff-ish. After she let go of my hand and I would try to take it back in to mine she would make an excuse and go running to the next tank. At least she was still having fun looking at all the tanks with awe and wonder asking me questions (even though I knew close to nothing about fish or whatever). Chenoa would prod the tank glass and comment on the colors of a fish or how one was ‘so cute’ and how she wished she could have a fish.

‘They are so beautiful but getting close to one could probably kill a man’ Chenoa’s voice echoed in my mine, when she said that looking up at me with her kind, hazel eyes I couldn’t help but to think of her. Chenoa was really a beauty, even though looks wise there are tons of girls prettier than her, she had something about her that made me want to always be around her, be there for her.

It was the way she smiled her eyes sparkling, the way she laughed with her nose scrunched, the way she pouted with her lip pushed out and her eyebrows drawn together. Chenoa was a strange kind of beauty, one that was not looks but personality traits, how she was so kind to everyone and forgiving; how Chenoa was so happy aside from the fact she was born in a poor family. It was the fact that Chenoa didn’t worry over useless things and the fact that she didn’t try and act dumb; that she would always have a deep thing to say in every situation.

I stop in my tracks realizing the very thing that I teased her with earlier was true.

I was absolutely undeniably in love with Chenoa.

“Peyton!” She said snapping me out of my thoughts,“Are you coming?”

I smiled and nodded “Yea, sorry Cherie.”

“Looks like you got lost in yourself” She laughs taking my hand and pulling me forward; excited to see the next hall area which was filled with sharks.
After viewing all of the aquarium, well at least most of it, we excited the back way looking upon the Lake Michigan. She leaned on the rail like she was trying to get as close as she can to the water. As the cold Chicago wind blew her golden hair blew free of her loose ponytail and danced wildly and beautifully around her laughing face. I wanted to stay a moment longer so I could burn the image of her laughing face into the deep contours of my memory so I will never- so I could never forget her. So that if I was to loose her one day I would still have her with me forever.

After a couple more moments of enjoying the rare Chicago sunshine and bitter cold breeze we walked back to where my car was parked.

Getting into the car, we leave for some lunch. Heading north on N Lakeshore Drive, Chenoa looks out at the sea most of the car drive.

“Do you like the ocean?” I ask curious about her amusement with the mass of water.

“Yes! I love it,” She smiles to me before looking back out the window. “I’ve only been to the beach once, it was at around 5 in the morning with my mom and little sisters; we watched the sunrise. It is one of my favorite memories ever, seeing my little sister so happy and my mom so at peace, whenever I see the ocean I just…don’t feel so alone. Like when life gets tough there will always be that time I can look back on and say ‘If there were good moments back then, there will be good moments ahead too.’ ”

I side glance Chenoa with awe.

 I still don’t know much about her position in life, but I do know about her gambling father leaving them with a huge debt and her family barely able to get by. It’s really astounding that someone with such a bad history can be so…positive where other celebrities can be depressed and complain about just about anything.

Could it be in life the ones who are more happy are those with less?
I think, it was a strange concept.

“Cherie, do you think that those who have less are happier?” I ask wondering what she will say.

“Hmm, I’d have to say people with less are not necessarily happier by nature, but they have learned to be happy with what they have, and they have discovered that the things that are important in life is not so much things but, other people. I mean nothing can make you feel like another person can, money can’t make you feel loved or cared for, a car can’t make you feel complimented and a Rolex can’t make you laugh or cry.”

I nod thinking over everything she had said.

Around 20 minutes later I pulled into a parking spot and Chenoa and I got out of the car.

I took her into “M.Henry”-a cafe that I like to get breakfast at a lot. We entered the modern type building and took a seat at one of the tables.

“I thought breakfast for lunch would be good.” I said while smiling. Chenoa laughed while looking over her menu.

“Oh wow, I can’t decide, It all looks so good!” She mused.

After we got our food and ate I looked up at her. “I’m sorry” I said and she looked confused at me.

“I didn’t mean to scare you with the kiss.” I smiled sheepishly, rubbing the back of my neck.

Chenoa smiled “It’s okay, I’m just- I’m not ready for that kind of stuff yet. Between you and Demyan my head has kind of been reeling lately...”

“Chenoa, I’ll treat you better than Deyman ever can.”  I begged a bit uncool-y leaning forward.

“Peyton, please.” She said. “I just can’t decide right now when this-" She motioned her hands to all around us, resembling the shit-storm she's going through right now, “-is happening.”
She looked up at me, her hands tightening on her napkin pleadingly “Please Peyton, I don’t want to lead any of you on or hurt you.”

Wait, isn’t that usually my line?

Somehow it was kind of weird being in this position, like my life has been twisted into a different perspective to where I knew what it was like being denied the person who I wanted just like I had denied many girls who had wanted me before.

“I understand.” I sigh “I’ll give you time to think, just please don’t stop hanging out with me because of it.” Somehow those words flew out of my mouth and I didn’t regret them, because I still wanted- no had to be around her no matter what.

I only prayed to any god that was out there that would listen that in the end it would be me with this girl and not Demyan.


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