Chapter 118

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“Why did I lie to you?” Zayn repeated Evelyn’s question with an amused smirk.

His ever so beautiful smirk made Evelyn’s face scrunch with detestation as if it was a repugnant scent. He noticed the contortion of her expression and his smirk fell.

He sighed and began to unlace his dampened leather dress shoes.

“What are you doing?” Evelyn asked nervously. It was a stupid question. She knew what he was doing and what he was about to do. But the words left her mouth before she realised, acted upon by the impulse ingrained in her DNA.

“The water looks great,” he said. “I haven’t had a shower since you left. I think it’s about time I delight myself with little soak.”

She frowned. “You haven’t had a shower since you left?” she asked as Zayn kicked off his shoes. “Are you serious?”

“Do you know how difficult it is for a man with a broken heart to shower?” he teased. He began to unbutton his shirt. “I only have half a heart without you. My need for basic needs such as shower deteriorates when you are not around.”—he shrugged off his blazer and the stark white shirt underneath—“I shower for you. If you’re not around to admire my heavenly scent, then I have no reason to shower.”

Zayn winked at Evelyn, but she didn’t see it as her head was turned away at the sight of his naked torso.  

He laughed.

Sure, his body was practically enchanting. It was glorious, muscular, tanned, and just indescribably delicious, but Evelyn felt uncomfortable seeing Zayn naked while she herself was naked also. Despite having had sεx with the man who stood above her, Evelyn still felt uncomfortable.

Her heart raced in her chest, and her armed unpretentiously wrapped themselves around her breasts to cover her own nudity. Her cheeks blushed and she refused to meet his eyes, or allow any of his dangling body parts to cross her line of vision.

“Evie,” he said her name softly. “I’m still wearing my pants,” he laughed. “I am not that ugly that you shy away at the horrifying sight of my body, am I?”

She didn’t reply. Her feet began to shuffle backwards slowly. “Don’t you have a bathroom of your own?”

“Yes, but it would be more environmentally friendly for me to bathe with you.” He chuckled, and she heard the sound of metal against stone, caused by the buckle of his belt as it landed on the ground. “I will keep my underwear on if that makes you feel more comfortable… but you do you that you have had my pεnis in your mouth, plenty of times, and I’ve fucked you plenty of times as well, right?”

She heard Zayn lower himself into the water. Evelyn turned her head away, her eyes squeezed shut, and her body trembled. Knowing she was naked with a man who was neither her husband, boyfriend nor lover made Evelyn feel shameful. In the 25th century, humans were taught to follow the more ancient ways of sεxual intercourse between men and women, to keep sεxual transmitted diseases to a minimum.

It was frowned upon for a man and a woman to have sεx before marriage, or unless a very long relationship. Sεx was taught as something scared… It was kind of ironic how Zayn, the King, went against something he ordered his people to follow.

Evelyn felt Zayn’s hand on her shoulder. His fingertips gentle as he caressed her soft flesh. “Your blush is beautiful,” he said. “Sometimes I forget how innocent you truly are… You really shouldn’t be blushing like this. It makes me want to do bad things to you.”

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