The deep blue sea

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An abnormal creature yearning for love, she thought that she was incapable of it..but Love always found its way in her life.

Love in its purest form creeped in through her heart, penetrating through all the shut doors trapping her in its temptations.

A strong tempt that made her stay oblivious of her differences. Different in physical appearance, different from all human beings or perhaps far from being normal.

The very first shot that she felt was when she thought He had the same abnormalities as hers. That perhaps was a mere infatuation..

She was sure that she cannot name this infatuation 'Love'.

Tried hard to control her unstable emotions..

But everytime He appeared in front of her, she could lose it, she was overpowered by her own uncontrollable feelings..

Perhaps her hormones were all over the place,
Perhaps she was way too naive to understand that nothing is constant,

Feelings overpowering her,
Her Mind overpowering the feelings of her heart,
Inner conflicts between her heart and mind overpowering her emotions.
Amidst these conflicts  her soul remained powerless...

I couldn't continue more than this
I'll leave this here for y'all to name it.. be it love or infatuation or Anything.

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