CHAPTER 3: Grandparents. Fights. Mysteries.

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I sighed as i picked up the last, loose fitted shirt i planned on packing and stuffed it into my suitcase. Ruffling my hair, i flopped onto my bed, groaning about what this weekend will bring me. I have no interest in venturing off to new york on my weekend to visit gran and gramps, when if they really wanted to visit me, they could come here, to West Palm Beach. That way, i could visit Mason without feeling bad.

“Anna! Time to go!” My sister, Carman screeched up the stairs. She always loved new york.


Before i left my bedroom, the only thing that reminded me to grab my phone, was the text i received from Mason.

I love you.

We arent this serious, are we?


“Three more minutes!” I moaned. I didnt want to wake up.

“Mom!Anna wont get up!”

“Carman, SHUT UP!” I screamed at her.

“Anna Elise Paige. Get up.” My mother said, sternly.

With that, i sat up just as we were pulling in to my grandparents driveway in New York.

“Finally!” Carman screamed.

I walked into their house and my Gran embraced me in a bone crushing hug.

“i missed you so much Ann.” My Grandma stated. I rolled me eyes, i hate being called 'Ann'.

“Anna! Lets go for a walk!” My sister said, with a grin spread across her face.

“Alright, Carman.” I said to my 7 year old sister, smiling. Nothing could break our bond, ever.

“Do yo want to go to the mall? I can but you something there!” I asked her.


“Just let me change.”

kissed her forehead, and ran upstairs to my suitcase to change. I picked my loose fitted purple shirt, tucked into a pair of white highwaisted shorts, and black TOMS. Finishing off the look, i added a long necklace, Pandora bracelet, mascara and eyeliner. Lets just say that my family was pretty wealthy.


“But Anna! Pleeaseeee!” My sister begged and begged, and i just shook my head. My sister wanted me to buy her a 'Build-A-Bear' teddy bear, but i didnt see the point. All she is going to do is have it for a day, and loose interest.

“Carman, i am not getting you a teddy bear that you will never play with after a week. Sorry, i will get you something else.”

Just as i grabbed my sisters hand, getting ready to walk away i felta strong hand grip around my wrist. I yanked my hand away and looked up. Standing there, was a fair looking boy about my age with blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, and you could clearly see his abs under his white shirt.

He grinned at me stating, “I will buy you one, Carman.” My sister grinned at hi, shrieking a very happy 'okay'.

My sister hopped into the store, picking her bear and making it. I looked up to find the boy looking at me, and blushed.

“Why are you doing this for a strangers sister?” I asked, rolling my eyes at the fact that usually people dont pay any attention to me.

“Live a little.” The boy grinned, walking off and slipping his money i my pocket.

My sister finished, so i walked up to pay for the bear. I took out the $20.00 bill the boy slipped into my pocket and unfolded it. When i un folded it, a slip of paper flew out and landed on the floor. I bent down to pick it up, and found it was a number for a cell phone. I handed to cashier the money and walked off, holding my sisters hand. Why is he being so nice? I wondered to myself. I decided when i returned to my grandparents house, i would text him.

My sister and i walked into the house. I ran upstairs, desperate to text the good-looking boy i had seen earlier. I entered the number into my phone, and sent Hey, this is the little girls sister that you bought the Build-A-Bear for.

A couple minutes later, i received a text saying:

Hey cutie :) thanks for texting me! I never caught your name?

I chuckled to myself.

My name is Anna. Anna Elise Paige.

Cute name (: Lets meet up sometime? Get a coffee or something? Btw, mine is Zack Simmone.

Im here all weekend :)



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