CHAPTER 3: Grandparents. Fights. Mysteries.

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Samfira's point of view

Blood trickled down from my nose, bruises formed. I couldnt handle this anymore. I didnt have to put up with this. I slowly got up from my bed, wincing in pain as i did so because of the former beating i had gotten two days ago, and because bruises were placed all over my body perfectly so that every movement hurt. It looked almost as if someone had painted me black and blue, or someone had done a bad job of camouflaging me for a game of “Man Tracker”. I had been sitting in my bed for to days now, not able to move. Isn't your mom always supposed to be the one to comfort you? Well that will never happen.

I didnt know where to go, or what i as going to do. I just knew one thing: no matter what, i had to leave. I couldnt take it anymore.

I slowly and quietly packed up my bags containing of clothes, a few blankets, some nails (to build with), a flashlight and batteries, matches and a lighter, a jacket, some snacks, a knife, water, and some money. I think at first i would take off into the bush on the cliff where no one will find me. No one but Zack Simmone, not that he would come looking. He lives in New York.

After a few months, if i make it, i will then trek somewhere. Another town maybe? Or maybe i could go to New York to visit Zack? Maybe I could stay in the bush...

I decided before i left, that it would be the bush i was headed for. That way, no one would find me. No one but Zack. I made my way out of the house quietly, and thats when i heard Britney.

“Sam, please dont go. Please dont leave me with mom and dad.” A tear trickled down her check I wiped away her tears, and kissed her on the check.

“I love you Brit. I always have. I have to go, im sorry. Im not in the right place right now, and mom and dad would never hurt their little angel.” i let out a bitter laugh, biting my lip to hold my tears in

“Sam please. If you go, i wont have anyone. Where are you going to go?” Britney looked scared, and i had guilt building up in my body.

“Britney, i dont know where im going. I dont know what will happen to me. I do know that i have to do this. You have mom and dad and your friends, i have no one. I will never have anyone.”

I choked down my tears, to make myself seem more confident about my plans than i am. Truth is, im scared.

Britney's eyes turned cold.

“Dont expect people to come and look for you.”

She glared at me, flipping her golden perfect locks behind her shoulders. I knew with the way her baby blue eyes shimmered, that she wished me the best. She wished we were still close.

I gulped, “i don't.”

I gave her a weak smile, as i walked out the door. I gave Britney a last look and a wave before walking off, out of my old life.


I have been sitting in the bush for a while now. Britney is the only one who knows that i left. When i left, i just ran into the bush up to the cliff. Mine and Zack's signatures are still carved into the rock, which makes me smile. I have longed for him for a year now, this spot makes me feel like im with him.

Zack has been in my family for years. By that i mean that Britney liked him, i didnt know and so did i. He asked me out, and i said yes, lets just say it was like the devil came back. When he left, i waas devastated, but britney was happy and it broke my heart.

I dream of the day i will finally see him again. I smiled as I closed my eyes, and slowly i drifted into a long-needed sleep...

Anna's Point of View

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