chapter fifteen ~ forever and ever

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A week of touring has passed and i love it so much! I really want to release my own album and go on my own tours now, with Bradley and the boys obviously. There's no way i could do it without them. And i'd miss Brad too much. Watching them do what they do best makes me so happy and makes me want to release my own music even more. The smiles on the fans faces are priceless, i want to have that effect on people. I love making people happy and i hope one day i can do that through music of my very own. I find songwriting very therapeutic, i could write songs for hours on end. I can't wait to help the boys write songs for their next album since i feel like we'd all work really well together. Today we had a day off and i let Brad go with the boys for a day out since i've been with him a lot lately. The next show is in Birmingham and i'm meeting Brads parents, well more his Dad since i've already met his Mum. Im really excited, i hope they like me. I decide to do some songwriting today since i do want to release my own album i need to start somewhere. Right? I've currently got a few ideas floating around my mind so I decide to get up and go out to buy a notebook to write my ideas in since i never brought one with me. I wore plain black leggings and Brads hoodie.

I make my way to the elevator and go down to the bottom floor and flashing a smile to the workers. I walk to the nearest stationary store for a cute notebook. I pick up a notebook with a baby pink cover and head back to the hotel. I spend the rest of the day writing songs, possibly for me, possibly for other artists or maybe even for the boys, who knows? I try to think of a melody whilst strumming a few chords on Brads guitar in attempt to start to bring a song together.

'Hey baby, whatcha doing?' Brad smiles as he strolls into our hotel room
'Songwriting, and trying to make melodies. I want to release my own music Brad' i smile
'I can help you with that when we've finished tour, anyway how do you fancy coming to Pizza Express with the boys and i for dinner?' he smiles
'Is that even a question? You know i'm a sucker for Pizza Express' i reply
'We're going at 5' he tells me
'What time is it?' i ask
'Oh shit i better get ready then' I say scrambling off the bed and looking in my suitcase for something to wear.

I decide on wearing denim jeans and a grey oversized sweater. I paired it with my black high top converse and wore natural makeup.

'What're you two gonna get?' James asks
'Hawaiian, definitely' Brad and i reply in sync making the whole table chuckle.
'Ew how can you even like that, you two weirdos are definitely made for each other' connor says scrunching up his face.
'Have you ever tried it?' i ask
'Um... no' he replies
'You can't fault it until you try it' i tell him
'No! Just the thought is disgusting' he says dramatically.
'So you say, soon you'll be drooling over it' i smirk
'Bet i wont' he scoffs
'Bet you will' i reply

'Oh shit- that's actually amazing' Connor says taking a bite of the hawaiian pizza slice i gave to him.
'What can i say? I'm always right' i chuckle
'Take back what i said' he said quietly to which i just chuckle to.
'I knew we'd be able to convert him' i smirk to Brad
'Teamwork makes the dream work' he smiles
'Now that was cheesy' Tris chuckles
'Ugh tell me about it' I say
'You love my cheesiness really' Brad replies
'So you think, but little do you know, i really really don't' i smile
'Rude' he replies

'Baby, i'm bored' Brad smirks and i climb on top of him straddling him.
'Still bored?' I smirk
'I'll never get bored of you' he says whilst leaning in and moving his lips with mine. Our lips moved together slowly before he the kiss got more heated and desperate. He pulled away and pulled his t-shirt that i was wearing over my head and throwing it to the side, leaving me in just my underwear. Straight after i lifted the top he was wearing over his head and leaned back in and sliding my tongue into his mouth. I'll never be sick of being in his touch. He makes me feel so safe and like i'm worthy of something. He makes me feel loved and like i'm the only girl in the world which is something i've never felt before. He never takes his eyes off me when we're in public, and grips onto me like it's the last time he'll ever see me. Ever since we started dating he's never laid his eyes on another girl, only me. He makes me feel so special. He makes me feel beautiful in my own skin when i've never, ever been comfortable with my body. When i'm feeling down he never fails to lighten the situation and make me laugh. He's so caring and he instantly knows when i'm down, sometimes i feel like he can read me like a book and like he knows me better than i know myself. Fucking hell i love this boy with all my heart. I really do hope we stay together until we're both old and grey. I never want to fall out of love with him and i hope he never falls out of love for me. Which i'm scared might happen since he's in a famous band and has lots fans. He's handsome and all round perfect. Me, on the other hand, i'm just Taylor, a songwriter who sings a bit and plays instruments sometimes. Even when i don't look my best he always reassures me and tells me i'm gorgeous, even when we both know i look a mess some of the time. I want to stay by his side. Forever and ever.

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