Chapter Eleven

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     The way that Kade was looking at me right now made me want to eat my own words.

Stupid suggestion, Emily. I wanted to smack my hand against my forehead out of embarrassment. I awaited his response nervously. 

"Never have I ever?" He echoed, sounding confused. "What does that mean?" His tone implied that my idea was practically as interesting to him as pond scum.

I frowned at him. God, he was so judgy. I took a deep breath, trying to reason with my more irritable side. He clearly had some unresolved issues about humans and was taking it out on me. We both had our own problems we needed to figure out.

"It's a game that humans use to get to know one another better." I responded dryly. 

Do I really want to get to know him, though? The thought swirled through my mind.

The annoying voice inside my head assured me that I most definitely did. 

He blew out a breath of air. "I suppose if I don't get your way you will continue to talk anyways." He drawled out, stretching lazily on the bed he was sitting on. He made a motion with his hands for me to get on with it.

I grit my teeth. "Were you always this easy to get along with?" I asked sweetly.

Kade scoffed at me. "Is that your question?" He asked incredulously. "Humans have such small minds." He said, clearly to himself. I wondered if he forgot my hearing had greatly improved since becoming one of them.

I glared. "No, that's not my question." I all but hissed through my teeth. God, he was so attractive but so difficult to be around. In more ways than one. My heart did a little flip at the thought of brushing my lips against his.

Oh. My. God. Get it together Emily! I thought, horrified by my traitorous mind. That was the absolute last thing in this world that I needed. A moody, alien boyfriend. 

Does he even have a... 

My eyes trailed down from his eyes before I blushed furiously, shaking the thought away. Oh my god. You are the ultimate pervert Emily Cartell. I chastised myself angrily. 

Kade raised a dark brow at the blush creeping up my neck. "Next question then." He responded indifferently.

I sighed. "Fine. When did you arrive on Earth?" I asked curiously.

He stared at me for a moment, as if he were truly deciding whether or not he was going to play along with my little game to very obviously gather intel on him and his kind.

"Hundreds of years ago. We only recently revealed ourselves to humans, as it became necessary to our survival." Kade's smooth voice and accent were addicting to listen to. "How do you think the pyramids were built?" He shrugged as if he hadn't just dropped a massive truth bomb on me. 

I balked. "Wait, you're hundreds of years old?" I practically hissed out in surprise. "The pyramids, really? Damn. I wanted to give humans credit for that one." My mind was whirling. 

Talk about gross. I'm attracted to an old man. He's practically a corpse! My head was spinning at the new information he had just given me.

I was sure he could sense my disgust, because he graced me with one of his famous scowls.

"No, you idiot. My kind. Not me personally. Although, our life spans do vary dramatically compared to humans." He cocked his head at me curiously. "I suppose that includes you now too."

My eye twitched in annoyance at the fact he had just called me an idiot.

I took a deep breath, suddenly apprehensive about the information I was about to learn. Was I ready for it? Truth be told, I didn't have much choice at this point. It was either learn or remain ignorant. And I had never been a fan of ignorance.

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