“I’m good.” I dragged trying to search in my mind who might that be.

                “It’s Mazen.” He said noticing the fact that didn’t recognize him.

                “How are you, Mazen?” I asked out of politeness but I was curious to how he got my number.

                “I’m good, Alhamdulillah. How are you enjoying your week off?” He asked.

                “It’s going well, thank you.” I replied with a polite smile out of habit even though he couldn’t see it.

                “I was just calling to remind you about tomorrow’s book club discussion. You are the organizer and I need you in the first discussion.” Oh god, I totally forgot about it!

                “I don’t know if I could make it.” I said hesitantly looking at my aunt who was watching T.V in the living area.

                “I really need you there, Iman. You are the only one who knows what’s supposed to be done tomorrow.” His voice wasn’t stern like I thought it would be neither was it demanding it was sweet as if he was requesting not demanding.

                “It’s going to be difficult. I could just call Holly and tell her what to do. I’ll be with her on the phone and I’ll try to make it work.” I tried to come up with a solution to my problem.

                “Holly wouldn’t know what to do. It’s the first one and it sets the bar to this whole thing. It was your idea in the first place and I think it would only be appropriate if you went on with it.” Mazen was right, it was my idea and I was and still am very passionate about it, “Plus I would really like if it was who was there with me tomorrow.”

                “I-” I was caught off guard with what he added. His words were professional but his tone implemented something else.

                “I’ll give you till tomorrow morning to answer me. Please try to make it.” He said making me feel bad for ditching him like I did with this whole mess.

                “Okay.” I mumbled.

                “Great. I’m waiting on your call.”

                “In sha’ allah.” I sighed then we exchanged goodbyes before hanging up.

                This whole book club discussion thing totally slipped my mind. I felt really guilty about leaving Mazen like that without even telling him or Holly the plan or what was supposed to go on in that discussion.

                The discussion was my responsibility but at the same time I had another responsibility towards my guests. 

                I couldn’t leave them alone for a few hours while I went to the discussion. It was considered rude. And Ayman would never allow it anyways.

                Sighing, I walked back to the living room to sit next to my auntie with my mind pre-occupied with a million thing.

                “I was thinking, today we could go register Yasmin in the college and see the campus if possible.” Auntie Sana said.

                “Yeah, sure.” I mumbled.

                “Great, I’ll go get ready.” She jumped from the couch and went up-stairs to get dressed.

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