Chapter One

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Normally I would love to run. I mean who doesn't, at least when they're not forced to, but sadly I am. Let me tell you, you think you hate running for gym class or something, we'll try running for your life with a pack of angry adlets on your tail.

My heart feels like its beating a thousand times a second. My lungs feel like they will explode any minute. My legs feel as if they could give out on me and I would go down like a sack of potatoes. The only thing that kept my body in one piece was the adrenaline pumping from my determination to stay alive.

Every time I gained distance from those adlets, they would run faster and close the distance I worked so hard to gain. I could hear their panting and growls very close. I could feel the heat coming from their masculine bodies. One of them even, almost, took a bite out of my heel. The thing is either they were just playing with me or waiting for the right moment to finally close the distance and grab my fighting body, and then drag it back to the lab.

I'm running out of energy, so my white magic isn't as strong as it would be if I was fully energized. As I've been running, I've used my white magic to grow roots and try to trip the adlets, but as soon as they would fall, they would get back up as if nothing happened. It was completely frustrating.

When I was certain I was either going to die or be brought back to the lab by those stupid adlets, I got an idea. I pointed the palm of my hand towards the adlets, while I was still running my same pace, I used half of the energy I had left to exert a bright light. It blinded the adlets and while they were stunned, I used the other half of the energy I had left, to grow tons of roots that tripped all of the adlets. (Don't ask me why I didn't think of this earlier. Maybe it was because I was too focused on staying alive that I wasn't thinking clearly).

Since they were stunned it took them longer to because they had to recover from my light, get free of my roots, and get back on tracking me. Since I had no white magic left to use to keep my disguise at the moment, my dark clothes, eyes and hair were replaced by my real white hair, eyes, and light flowing gown. With my disguise gone they might as well use a giant arrow pointing at me. By the time all of this was happened, I gained about a mile ahead of them. I heard their growls of anger at me and the sound of that made me giggle. This of course made them madder and determined to get me.

Just then repeated loud bangs pierced the quietness of the forest.


Even though the bangs were somewhat in the distance, they were enough to startle the adlets. (I think the adlets are scared of loud bangs like that because if an adlet fails to follow orders they get shot to death). I used that time to run to a river and jump in the current. The water will hide my scent which is better for me.

The water hit me like a thousand needles. It was so cold, that a normal human would die of hypothermia in a matter of seconds. I kicked my feet and my head bobbed above the surface of the river. I was happy to see that I was away from the adlets. (Adlets aren't able to swim in water because their cell structure will fall apart. The scientists are still trying to perfect that).

When I tried to get to the edge of the river because not even I can stay in the water for too long or I will, just like a human would, die of hypothermia. I realized I missed calculated the power of the current. I thought I would be able to swim to the edge, but in reality it was too strong, even for me. No matter how hard I kicked, the current kept pulling me along with it.

Then before I could even take a breath, my feet were swept out from under me by a rock. My body was yanked underwater and tossed around throughout the river like a rag doll. I tried to get air in my lungs, but all that came in was a mouthful of murky water. The adrenaline that I had before when I was running from the adlets was gone, leaving my body weak and tired. Great, I finally get rid of those stupid adlets and now I'm on the verge of drowning. Just my luck.

I could no longer feel my hands and feet. I'm no doctor, but I think that's not very good. Every time my head would come to the surface, I would only get a second of air before I got pulled back under. Sometimes I wasn't able to get a breath; I choked out as much water as I could. The other times I let out a desperate cry for help, even though I knew I wouldn't be heard and help was not going to come.

I was twirling around so much that I didn't notice some of my white magic had returned and disguised me again. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, something yanked me by my hood and pulled me out of the water. I couldn't tell who pulled me out, though. All I could tell was that it was a large dark figure standing above me. I could only tell that much because my eyes were so blurry from the murky water tainting my eyes. Plus it was dark out, so that didn't help me either.

Let me tell you, though, it felt so good to be able to breathe again. The second I was out of that water I was coughing up so much water, that I was sure there would be a fish coming out soon. Thankfully there wasn't. When I was done coughing up all of that disgusting tasting water, that smelled and tasted like garbage, I filled my lungs with the sweet oxygen that my body had been craving from the moment I got pulled under. My breaths were deep and short because I didn't want anything, but more and more air.

When I calmed myself down and my breaths were normal, something occurred to me. What if this figure standing above me was an adlet? If so, why hasn't it killed me or started taking me back to the lab? And if this was an adlet, I would have rather drowned in the river. Before I could find out if it was an adlet or not, everything went black.


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