Dedication - Black Magic Girls

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When I was growing up, one of the things I wanted most was to be like the fantasy heroes in the books I read. Daring, funny, clever, noble, MAGICAL. But something was always missing when I looked for those things, black girls like me. 

I would search for myself in literature and always find it lacking. Meaning, I was lacking.

Naomi, the main protagonist in this book, is the character I wish I'd had as a kid. She's not the perfect heroine, but at least, she EXISTS. 

I'm posting her story on Wattpad, because I feel like maybe other people need a Naomi. Someone that looks like them, or even if she doesn't, they connect and identify with her spirit as a character.

I'm not trying to preach about needing diversity in literature.  We ALL already know that.

All I'm saying is: a big part of why I wrote Naomi's journey is so that other people can see black girls really CAN be magic. 

Especially in a time and place, where people are still fucking arguing on Twitter, if people of color can even BE in fantasy novels. Where people are erasing the color of characters writers--myself included--have created.

So here is to black magic girls. And to ALL girls who just want to be seen... 

I see you. 

I hope Naomi's story will speak to you too.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

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