Chapter 1 'New school Blues'

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Chapter 1 'New school Blues'

Dear Diary,

Today is my first day at my new school and to say I was nervous is a MAJOR understatement! I liked my old school, O.K so I didnt have many friends and I aquired a not so dersirable nick name 'Poppy pee pants' just because some idiot dropped juice on me and it happened to land on my croch, but so what, I knew my place. I knew where I stood on the social ladder. I knew where I could and couldn't sit in class and at lunch time. And now I have to start all over again, i'll probably get a worse nick name and be an even bigger geek. Erggh

I'v got to get going I don't want to draw more attention to myself by being late, and I've got to find something half descent to wear!

I'll write soon Poppy x

I finally got out of bed after stewing over what to wear and writing in my diary trying to relieve some of my built up tension and nervousness about my first day at Cramlington High. I was now half hour late and had to rush to get washed and dressed. I pulled on some skinny jeans a plain white tee,black cashmere cardigan with black biker boots. Luckily my hair was naturally straight so I just had to run a brush through it, it was long and dark brown which I think made my blue eyes stand out nicely. I wasn't sure whether to put any makeup on, I did not want to look like I'd tried too hard so I settled for a bit of mascara and lip gloss.

I ran down stairs and out to my car not bothering to say bye to my mum as I heard her leave early this morning to start her new job. I drove the 15 minute journey to my new school and as soon as I'd parked up my car I started to shake uncontrollably with nervouseness, I couldn't seem to get my legs to move and nearly all the other kids were in the building already. The longer my legs took to respond the later I would be, and I really couldn't face walking in late! With a ridiculous amount of effort I managed to get myself out of the car. I felt like a baby lamb taking its first steps, I was so wobbly I was threatened with the thought that I would fall over at any minute. I started to walk at a normal pace albeit still slightly shaky when a girl shouting behind me made me jump.

'Excuse me, hey you...... Hello?' I turned round out of curiousity even though I knew she couldn't be talking to me I didn't know anyone yet! The girl was half running half walking towards me, she slowed down as she approaced .

'Finally you stopped.....hey Im Sara' she was pointing at the side of my leg as she was talking to me. If you can call it talking I couldn't make out what she was saying. I followed her finger to where she was pointing, and instantly felt the blood rushing to my cheeks in complete humiliation. OMFG right there for the whole world to see was a pair of fuscia pink knickers stuck to my leg. I peeled of the knickers and shoved them in my bag 'of course this would happen to me' I thought to myself,its just not possible for me to go through ONE day with out embarrasing myself beyond repair.

Finally snapping out of my reverie I sheepishly thanked the girl.

'No problem, hey your new, I'll take you to the office to get your schedule and if we don't have any classes together do you want to meet for lunch?' Sara replied.

I couldn't believe it, my mortification actually landed me a friend. O.k maybe not a friend but and aquantence at least, and I wouldn't have to suffer the trauma of finding somewhere to go at lunch time. Maybe this school won't be so bad after all, or was that just wishfull thinking?


Hello everyone, This is only a short chapter but I want to know what you think before I got into in too deep!

Please Vote, comment, criticise any feedback is welcome I'm still new to writing so it will help me out loads!!! :)

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Thank you x

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