Shot Five

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It was a month since Aarav Singh Raizada was born. The joy and happiness of the Raizada Mansion was increased tenfold. He was the apple of everyone's eye.

Khushi and Payal helped Anjali as much as they could with their pregnancy. Mami and Nani were also always there for their granddaughter and daughter in laws. One could feel the happiness of the whole family.

But on the other side, Arnav and Khushi were still acting like strangers. Although Arnav took great care of his wife, he still couldn't find happiness of becoming a father.

Khushi looked at her husband, her mind wandering back to the conversation she had with Anjali.

Di? She called her hesitantly. Arnav had gone out for sometime, so she got the time.

Yes, Khushi? She replied while tucking Aarav in the blanket.

Di, Arnavji pehle bachon se itna tang kyon hote the? She asked casually, caressing Aarav's blanket. (Di, why Arnavji was irritated of children before?)

Anjali looked towards her. I don't know Khushi. Chotte was never like that before. Khushi scrunched her brow.

I mean before we were thrown out of the house. But still I don't know why he developed a dislike towards kids. I mean it was our uncle who threw us out, not some child. Anjali shrugged.

I never understood my brother, Khushi. Anjali sighed.

I too never understood him. Khushi mumbled, feeling disappointed of not getting any clue.

She was hoping against hope that she will be able to get some information about his behavior. She couldn't cure him if she don't know his problem.

She just smiled at Anjali and went out of the room.

And now, after two days, she was sitting with the family. Akash was playing with Aarav after returning from the official tour, while Arnav sat there, engrossed in his files.

And Khushi was lost in her thoughts, looking at him only. Suddenly, his phone rang. Arnav brought it out of his pocket. Khushi saw colors draining from his face as he looked at the caller ID.

She was confused.

Before she could ask him anything, he just took a quick glance at the family and then marched out of the room. Something was off about his attitude which made Khushi go after him.

She trailed him slowly, not giving him any hint of her presence. Her steps halted at the door step while he went inside.

She bit her nails, and then taking a deep breath came near the ajar door.

Yeah? She heard Arnav speak on the phone.

I told you don't call me until I give you a ring. His voice was muffled, and angered. Her eyes widened.

I know. I know we set a date, but I can't come today. He gritted his teeth, while Khushi was shocked.

Is he tired of me? A tear trickled down her eye in shock.

I know I am avoiding you a lot, Leslie. But I can't do it right now. I - I am just not ready, yet. Arnav ran a hand through his hair, frustrated.

Please understand. It's hard for me too. He explained.

Khushi placed a hand on her mouth, silencing her sobs. He is cheating on me? She asked herself.

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