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Gosshhh..Bella yells as the matron pours a cold bucket of water on her..."Get up you dirty thing" the matron yells at her..you've got 2minutes to clean up this mess and head downstairs for your chores said the matron..Bella sat on the bed thinking about how she ended up being a maid in an orphanage home from being the daughter of one of the richest men in New Orleans..she thought about the way maids were always there to heed to her calls,she missed her parents,if only she hadn't forced her parents to go for that trip ..

Tears poured down her face while she remeninced about the event that happened before her parents death

Mom I really need to go to the Bahamas all my friends have been there except me ...
Baby ,you know your father and I would love to take you but we've got work to do..said Bella's mom..."dad,why aren't you saying anything"screamed Bella
Well, Mary if Bella wants to go then she will, I'll call Mohammed to get the vehicle ready to go to the seaport, said Bella's Dad
Yaayyyyy.... squeaked Bella . If only she knew what was going to happen in the next few hours...

Eyy!!! Young lady if you don't come down here this instant be sure for me to sack you" yelled the matron

"I'm coming madame" Bella quickly rose up tidied her bed or the rat eaten foam she calls a bed and then runs to answer the matron but slips as a result of the water the matron had poured on the floor early that morning.

I almost forgot about this thank goodness I was the one who slipped and not the matron..

She smiled as she played the scene in her head

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