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Kim Seungmin

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Kim Seungmin

Parties weren't his thing. The crowd wasn't his cup of tea. He preferred staying at home, reading a book or even doing his assignment, anything else than a place where people were either drunk, making out, or dancing like there's no tomorrow.

It was Friday night and he was planning on staying home and watching some movie, hell he even brought snacks and a new blanket he was excited to try. But no, Jisung had to drag him to god knows where. He doesn't even know whose house is this, Jisung only informed him that it's someone from their university, not even mentioning a name.

Usually, Seungmin would've rejected no matter how much his friend tried to convince him. But tonight was different, his mother had invited their neighbors to dinner, you can say Seungmin doesn't like them that much, they always keep mentioning how he'd be an amazing boyfriend for their daughter. Little did they know Seungmin swings the other way.

So here he is, trying to find his friend who promised he'd stay by his side through the whole night, such a betrayal.

He almost gave up after searching the house twice, bumping into people isn't fun, let alone drunk ones. He sighed giving up and deciding to head home, "SEUNGMIN COME HERE" he recognized his friend's voice coming from the stairs, it was a little bit hard to hear since the music was loud as fuck, but he somehow managed to hear Jisung.

"where the hell have you been? I've been looking for you like crazy" Seungmin said, getting closer to Jisung's ear so he would be able to hear him. Jisung smiled mischievously holding his friend's hand and dragging him deep further into the house, "no what? Let me go I wanna go home" he whined trying to break free but no use, the blue-haired boy insisted on dragging down his friend.

They finally arrived downstairs and opened a door, they stepped in and soon as they did the smell was strong enough to hit Seungmin, it was so nasty and he had to cover his nose using his other hand, the place was a bit foggy as they went further into the room, people were drinking and doing drugs in here, the room was way quieter than the party going on upstairs, it seemed like it was a secret spot.

Jisung finally let go of his hand and went straight towards a group of people, he blended in immediately being the social person he is, unlike Seungmin who looked around rubbing his hand and just standing there awkwardly, he glimpsed around trying to find someplace where he could be left alone, or at least someone he might know but he failed, seeing everyone busy with others, he had no other choice but to go to Jisung which means he'd have to confront the group he was standing with.

He took cautious steps towards the group trying to collect himself so he wouldn't make a fool of himself, he tapped Jisung's shoulder to gain his attention, "what are we doing here? Why did you bring me with you?" he asked a glint of curiosity in his voice.

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