1.Grey clashes Green

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"Is this the place where pops and granny stay?" Sam asked his mother.

"Yes baby."

The door opened and Ash looked at the woman in front of her. She couldn't help but smile. She had missed her so. They both embraced the older woman ,Grace, crying.

"Oh my child, I have missed you."

Ash just smiled.

The older woman looked at the young boy, who was looking at her curiously, and gasped. He had his son's eyes. She couldn't help but kneel down and embrace the boy, her emotions overwhelming.

"Can I call you nana?"

"Nothing will make me happier love." Ash had told her son about his other family. Explained with a mothers patience how she will drop him off so that he would know them. She knew it was wrong and selfish to leave her four year old with strangers, but she couldn't stay. It was her home and she did genuinely love every corner of it. But she knew the past was not ye forgotten and forgiven.

Her grey eyes locked with his green ones and for a minute she allowed herself to get lost in their spell.

"Mommy why can't you stay?" Sam asked her bringing her back and she looked away. She had hopped that they wouldn't meet.

"No baby. I still have to go to see Xander."

"Oh...but why can't he come here? I really want to stay with nana and see Xan."

"But we talked about this baby, mommy can't stay because Xander will get lonely."

"Okay mommy. I will be a good boy and you and Xan can take me to the Ferrari."

Ash looked at Grace and handed her his weekend bag with all his belongings.

"Don't worry I will take care of him very well." Ash smiled at the woman and she knew that Sammy would be okay. " I thought you would stay with us too dear."

"I'm sorry I can't maybe some other time." How could she tell this sweet woman that she this house, home or not wasn't the same.

Grace turned and saw her son walking slowly towards them. She didn't know what happened between the two of them but it must have been awful.

"Hello Natasha, it has been a while." That voice that made her hairs rise and a sweet shiver to run through her, how long had she longed to hear it just for a moment. Even though it affected her, she didn't show it. It had been tough five years and though her heart still warm and selfless, her face was neutral. Xander had taught her well.

She gave him a nod and turned her head to look at her son. The face that she though a resemblance could be seen.

"Baby, you remember Reece don't you?"

Sam nodded his head and looked at the man in front of him and his four year old wondered why he hadn't shown up sooner.

"Can you ride a horse when standing?" Ash smiled at this. She had told Sam about his father every time he had asked. Showed him some photos from his many accounts. She was no stalker she really couldn't help herself sometimes.

"Yes I will teach you if your mum agrees."

Sam turned his head and looked at him mother. Eyes wide with excitement , he really couldn't wait. "Can I mommy? I promise to be safe I really want to try it."

"Sammy you know Xander will kill me if he finds outs." Xander was very protective of Sam, but you couldn't really blame him. He was there when he was given birth, hell, he cut the umbilical cord himself.

Sam knew this too he looked down for a second then looked at his mommy. "I will be okay. Xan told me if his heart is breathing, then mine too." Ash just smiled and nodded her head causing Sam to jump hugging her. This were her favourite moments when his face filled with such happiness and she was the cause of it.

"I'll be on my way now Grace, see you Sunday afternoon."

"Won't you stay a little longer? John will be thrilled to see you." Ash smiled she couldn't count the many times he had been the fatherly figure she treasured.

"I still have a little driving to do." She kissed Sam goodbye and made him promise to call her anytime he missed her.

"Say hi to Xan and Novnov and popsi and..." Ash chuckled and nodded her head. She waved and walked towards her car but a hand stopped her. This was what she was avoiding.

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