yrr please isko ignore matt karna🙏🙏🙏

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Sorry not an update but please read next please 👇👇👇👇👇👇

Hii I think my this story is loosing its charm that must be the reason that you guys are not giving response like before. I had uninstalled watty due to personal reasons but I am installing Watty in my bus when I am traveling to see what you guys commented and I really became very disappointed when I saw less response

Yr please I will not feel bad if you will suggest me something yr otherwise I will unpublish this book or I will make Anika confess her lover towards him in next update and then end of this story.

Yr you can tell me something in one word also. Your reviews matters me a lot

Tell me do you want any change in plot???

What is the thing which you are not liking

Please say clearly and truth

I will never say anything infact I will improve my mistakes

I know I am totally at fault that I updated after a long time

Yr I don't know how to make this story interesting as before

If you like magical shivika rather than this then I will republish that story after unpublishing accidental love

It's upto you. In Magicial shivika I will do some changes and will make Anika a fairy

Anyways tell me honestly and I sware upon my family and everyone whom I love that I will never bash you yr. Your reviews matter me a lot . Sachi Mai, I will be happy on you that you gave me an honest review

Bta do please

I know everyone is busy even I am but yr you can tell your reviews in one word hana. Please I want honest reviews 🙏🙏

Was confession in magical shivika very early??. It's just I thought like that

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