Chapter 9 - Meeting Mr. Efron

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Chapter 9

Leon's POV

The ride to the hospital was quiet, but not awkwardly quiet thankfully. It was peaceful to just sit there as Elliot drove us to the local hospital, with Bella and Lana still unconscious in the back.

However, after 20 minutes of a silent car, things became boring so I turned on the radio. Unfortunately, once again, the radio decided to play an unappropriate song to the situation we were in. It was Hey there Delilah, not sure who by, but it was my mum's favourite song. My mum who was in hospital, badly wounded.

Elliot must have noticed my sudden change of moods, and muted the radio before asking:

"Are you ok, dude? Believe me, I know it's tough, but your mum is strong. She'll pull through."

I nodded, wishing Elliot could be right, but had to swallow to be able not to cry. It seemed like such a girly thing to do, but I couldn't help it, I mean wouldn't you cry if your abusive father came back, stabbed your mum and raped your little sister. I thought so.

We pulled into the hospital car park 5 minutes later, just as Lana started to stir. Bella unfortunately hadn't, but I suppose, after what she had been through, I could understand it.

"Hey Lana, we're at the hospital. Not for you don't panic, for Bella, and mum." I almost whispered the last bit.

Elliot found a space and pulled in, cut the engine and got out. I quickly followed suit, and whilst he opened the back door and got Lana out, supporting her as her legs had gone wobbly, I opened the back door and got Bella out carefully, and carried her bridal style through the double door.

Elliot's POV

I felt bad for the poor dude. For all of that to happen at once was really crumby lucky, and when I say crumby, I mean AWFUL.

Thankfully I had a firm grip around Lana's waist beside me, or I wouldn't have been able to stop her falling as she fell over her own feet. I couldn't but smirk at that. Only Lana could manage to fall over their own feet.

I turned my head slightly, in order to be able to look at Lana, to see that she was grinning up at me, a slight blush on her cheeks she was really cute. Hold up, did I just think that?

'No, really?' I whisked my head around. Who the crackers just said that.

'I'm inside your head, idiot!'

'Great, that makes me feel better how?'

'Because you know you're not hearing voices?'

I mentally rolled my eyes. Trust a voice inside my head to say something like that.

Lana seemed to notice my internal battle as she was looking at me oddly, like she knew something I didn't.

Meh, it was probably nothing. I glanced around the room where we had come to a stop. Wait, we came to a stop? When?

Lana's POV:

The world of darkness didn't hold me for long and too soon, colours and noise started filling my senses.

"Hey Lana, we're at the hospital. Not for you don't panic, for Bella, and mum."

Thank God it's not for me! It was bad enough we had to come here, as I had a bad experience last time I went to a hospital. All I can say is three words: detergent, doctor, havoc!!!!! Not the best day of my life socially, in fact if I had to make a scale, that would class somewhere a LOT below 'awkward and embarrassing'.

My thoughts preoccupied me so much, I hadn't realised that we had stopped moving and the door beside me was opened and Elliot was stood there, hand held put, waiting to help me out of the door. Aww, what a gentleman!

I was glad of it to, because when I stepped out the car, everything swayed, and my balance was completely off. Oh dear.

Luckily, Elliot supported me all the way through the double doors and into the main reception of the hospital.

I glanced up at Elliot, to see he was having an internal debate. Probably with his concscience, I knew how he felt.

Suddenly, he looked around, and then down at me. He rolled his eyes. Why was he rolling his eyes at me?!? I grinned and blushed slightly as he caught me staring.

I wasn't sure which room Sarah, Leon's mum was in, and Bella had been taken into A and E, so it just left me and Elliot. Oh and my very full bladder.

I turned to face Elliot, but looked down. "Uh, Elliot?" I started softly, not speaking loudly at all, so as to keep attention off me. Thankfully he heard me and raised an eyebrow.

"Can I go to the loo?" I whispered.

He burst out laughing, clutching his stomach. Was I really that funny?? "Of course you can, you don't have to ask!" he managed to choke out through the laughter.

I nodded feebly, going scarlet. I just wanted to make sure!

I left Elliot to his chuckling, and searched around for a ladies. After I had found one and relieved myself, I started heading back to where I left Elliot.

It was just my luck, though, to crash into someone. Not wanting to see who it was I muttered an apology and side stepped around them. I was about to hurry off, but whoever it was caught my arm so I could t go anyway.

Reluctantly I turned to face who it was. But I didn't know who it was. The bleach blond hair looked familiar but I could think where from, and the chocolately brown eyes seemed to warm my heart.

I must have stood there staring at him for quite a while, before he broke the silence.

"Hey, I'm Zac."

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