Chapter 13

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Bakugou was thinking about all the homework he had on top of what happened at lunch break. His last class of the day was English with Present Mic, which, a horrible class to have at the end of a long, hard day. His voice was so loud and the content was moving to much too quickly for everyone to keep up. All of his classmates would complain about this class saying that their heads hurt from earlier in the day and the fact that Present Mic would be yelling grammar questions in their faces was pure torture, and made them think that Aizawa did it on purpose.

Bakugou was writing in his notebook the notes that he needed to quickly jot down, when his eyes shifted to the other side of the room to Uraraka. Her knees were together and heels up on the legs on the chair. She was tapping the top of her pen to her temple and her tounge was stuck out just a little bit; her thinking posture. Uraraka had noticed Bakugou staring at her. She smiled sweetly then mouthed, "You should be paying attention."

Bakugou mouthed in response, "I know, but my head hurts."

"I don't care." And she turned back around, resuming her notes.

Bakugou also turned around and started to write, not the notes, but something a lot more interesting.

I don't really know how to say this in normal words, most of my vocabulary is swear words, but listen, on the first day I met you, I thought that you were the most wonderful person I've ever seen. You were so nervous and your face was red the whole day. I didn't know if you could tell, but I was watching you in the quirk test, which, I know that sounds creepy, but hell, you were so impressive. Your quirk is amazing and it blew my mind that someone so cute can pack a mean punch. Anyways, at the end of the day, I told you that you weren't one of my priorities and I can't deal with you, that I only have one goal in mind. Well that night, I realized that I was so wrong, I think you can tell that I don't admit that a lot, but I was. If I just push you off to the side, then all that's on my mind is you. What the fuck are you doing to me? Your name was put on my wrist for a reason. I think that reason is for me to finally learn what it's like to feel something other than angry. I guess what I'm trying to say is I love you? Is that stupid? Whatever, I don't care, I love you.

Apparently, he had been writing for so long that the class ended, and he missed all the notes. Mostly everyone was out of class except for students who needed extra lessons.

"Damn it." He cursed under his breath, "Hey, Shitty-Hair, I'm coming over tonight to get
notes, be ready."

"Alright!" Kiri replied, gleaming, "Quality bro time!"

"Whatever you call it, I just need the notes."

"Why didn't you just write them down in class?"

"I was working on the mountain of work that I missed."

"Oh, yea?" Kiri walked over to Bakugou's desk, peering over at the notebook that Bakugou had written on in class, "What's that?" Bakugou made an effort to hide the notebook, but Kiri grabbed it before he could. Kirishima began to read, "I don't really know how to say this in normal words, most of my vocabu- HEY!"

Bakugou had snatched the notebook and stuffed it into his back, blushing fiercely. He stood after packing up, matching Kirishima' s eye-line, "Do not ever fucking touch my stuff." He growled through his teeth, them walked out of the classrooms, making his way home.

Uraraka, having missed so much school, had stayed for extra lessons and heard the small fight that broke out between the two. She had heard Kiri read out of the notebook. She thought to herself, "What was Bakugou writing? Those weren't the notes. I mean, he did say that he wanted to talk, but never said anything important. Did he write it down in a letter?" She quickly got out of her own head since the lessons had just began.






Hello. Have a chapter to brighten up your school/ work day. I had some extra time after homework so I thought, 'you should be writing or something.' And then I did. I know I lead a very exciting life. Hope you liked the chapter, more is to come :)


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