When they're drunk

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Since he's a lightweight he usually gets very sleepy after having one drink. You help him to bed and he quickly falls asleep. You lay by him and he puts an arm around you and snuggles into your neck.

Heath doesn't get drunk as much as he used to but when he does he's very very crazy. Him and Zane will always be doing something stupid and when you try to tell him to calm down he apologizes and then hyped up Zane.

Zane straight up turns into a ninja when he's drunk. He gets very energetic and you question why he can't be like this when he works out. It's hard to settle him down and when he finally does calm down he usually just says stupid things.

Scotty drinks often so him getting drunk sometimes isn't a surprise. He's not a crazy drunk like Heath but he will do some weird things and say some weird things as well. Once he passes out though he's out like a light.

Toddy, Zane, and Heath always like to encourage each other when they drink and when Toddy gets drunk he gets very crazy. He'll be saying random things one minute and trying to fight someone the next.

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