Adrian's POV

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It's new years eve and my belly has grown so much it looks like I'm 6 months along but im just 2 months along. Today we are hosting the Christmas eve party at our house and everyone will come. I'm doing the cooking even though Jenna told me she will help me i decline because i want to do this myself even though it's gonna be hard with this belly. I marinated some ribs, and pork roast and and honey covered ham and popped it in the oven. I also did a side dish of glazed carrots with pecans pecans and bacon with green beans. I also did some chocolate chip cookies and so much more.

After doing all that i started fixing the table and started doing some punch and got some wine ready. I took a shower with Kaden which took a while longer than anticipated, since you we did have have a quicky in in the shower. I got out and blowed dried my hair and curled it and did a half up and half down up do. I put on my lacy red and white and green undergarments.

I chosed a black on top with a gold sequence skirt dress while kaden chosed a red button down shirt with black slacks. I out on some gold eye shadow and red lipstick. I sprayed pink chiffon perfume from bath and body works and put on my black pump heels. I went downstairs to check on the food when the doorbell rang. "Come on in" i yelled and they come in into the kitchen. "Hey girl it smells good in here" i turned around and it's Alexa with Alec, Jenna, John aka kaden dad, and kaden little sister Julie.

" Hey guys yall can go sit in the living room while i finished setting up and kaden is in his office. John and Alec went ahead and left while the girls stayed in the kitchen but Julie left to watch t.v. The food was finished and i started setting it up on t h e table, even though I told them not to but whatever. Once everything was done i called kaden through the intercom throughout the house. They came and we started eating, talking, telling stories and having fun.

After everyone finished the guys help wash dishes and we went to the living room and started watching Christmas movies. John and Jenna left and slept in one of the guest bedrooms to sleep while Alec and Alex stayed with us to continue watching movies since it was already past 12. Julie had fallen asleep so kaden laid her down on the couch and put a blanket over her.

"Adrian wake up beautiful it's already Christmas morning" i groan and tried stretching but i couldn't and i open my eyes and see i was on top of kaden on the couch cuddling. I smiled sheepishly at him and tried standing up but couldn't. He then help me get up and kissed my lips at me. I went and took a quick shower and got dressed in my peace love baby red pajamas.

" Wake up its Christmas" i said through the intercom and put on Christmas music making sure to wake up everyone. I go into the kitchen and grabbed the cookies i made yesterday so we could eat it today. I smile and waited for everyone. We started opening the presents. I gave Alec a pair of pj's and a video game, Alexa got a set of Victoria secret perfume and lotion set, Jenna got also a lotion set, John got him pj's too and Julie i got her clothes and toys. I gave kaden his presents, "open them baby" he smiled and i bought him a Abercrombie cologne, armani cologne, a rolex watch and 3 tickets to go see hockey.

"Wow babe this is amazing thanks" "no problem" "here this is your presents" i open it and it was a Michael kors purse and watch, and a cute dress. "Thanks babe i love it" "no worries and i still have something for you" i got the small bag and got it out and there was a small box. I open it and saw a engagement ring.  I gasp and he got down on one knee. "Adrian, ever since i saw you at that nightclub, i knew you were mine, your my mate, the love of my life, i love you and now we are having a baby, so will you marry me" now I had tears down my eyes. "Yes , yes I'll marry you" he got up and kissed me and put the ring on me.

For the rest of the day I spend it on my bed watching more Christmas movies and cuddling with my fiancé

♡hope you like it and yay!!! They are getting engaged. So the next chapter is when she goes to the doctor again and of course it's a boy but i need baby boy name ideas. So if yall would like and comment baby boy names please, that would be great and I'll dedicate the next chapter to you

~Galilea ♡


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