Hongjoong/Yeosang - Unexpected Tides *M**Request*

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He was surprised to see that he was on an island. A white, sandy beach stretched a good distance on either side of him and a small forest of palm trees was at his back. He had never see this island before.

What on earth had happened to him?

Hongjoong pushed himself up and spun in a circle, trying to remember the events of... Yesterday? The day before? A few hours ago? He had absolutely no idea...

Then he froze as he turned back to the ocean.

A man's head and chest was bobbing up and down in the gentle waves, watching him cautiously. His brown hair was plastered to his forehead as he tilted it to the side. He was... Beautiful. Hongjoong could think of no other way to describe him even though he couldn't make out all of his features. The man seemed to give off some aura that made him glow.

"Hello!" He called out, then place a hand on his throat at the sound of his raspy voice. "Can you help me?"

The man hesitated and then ducked below the surface. When he didn't come back, Hongjoong shook his head and decided that he must have imagined it.

So he turned around and started to explore the island. It was abundant with fruit and there was a natural spring at the center of it, so he was lucky in the sense that he had food and water. That would make surviving a lot easier.

Over the next several days, Hongjoong worked on building a temporary shelter along the beach, but still tucked into the trees. Every day he imagined the man coming back to visit him and figured his mind was trying to 'create' some company for him. Each day the man stayed a little longer.

He also worked on building a signal fire after cutting down trees with an ax made from a sharpened stone and a branch. He made sure to put plenty of green foliage on it, as that smoked more, to hopefully draw a ship his way.

One day, as he was laying in his shelter trying to stay out of the heat, he turned his head to look at the ocean and saw the man again.

They had a silent staring contest for several minutes. Then Hongjoong blinked and when his eyes opened again, he could have sworn he saw the man dive under water... and a tail break the surface as he did.

"Yup, I'm officially going crazy." He sighed before turning away from the ocean and closing his eyes.

He awoke to a soft touch on his cheek.

Crying out, Hongjoong sat up and spun around. He eyes widened as he came face to face with the man of his imagination. He had a sweet smile, and his hair was a light shade of brown now that it was dry. Blue-green eyes stared back at him, and there was a red birthmark beneath his left one.

"I'm not going to hurt you." The man said with a deep, sexy voice that sent a chill down Hongjoong's spine. "I'm glad you survived."

"Wh-Who are you?" Hongjoong asked as his breathing quickened.

"My name is Yeosang. And you are Hongjoong."

The air whooshed out of his lungs as the captain exhaled sharply. "H-H-How?"

"The sea told me. It hears everything, and it heard your name being shouted as you were washed overboard." Yeosang moved to sit in front of him, and it was then that Hongjoong realized he wasn't wearing any clothes.

He quickly covered his eyes and shook his head back and forth. "This is a dream. It has to be a dream. Or I'm really dead. Yeah, that's it. I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead."

Soft hands grabbed his and moved them away from his face. "I promise you are not dead Hongjoong. Only because I am the one who saved you and brought you to this island."

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