Chapter 2| Awkward

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I wrote this book years ago when I was 14- 15 years old and had no idea how to write a book. I'm currently re-writing and editing this story so for any confusion as your reading please Bare with me. I have to keep adding that the story is under construction because some readers continue to point out the errors. I'm working on it guys!


The smell of something sweet made my eyes fly wide open. I turned my body over so I could see where I was. I was in someone's bedroom on a couch. I figured i fell asleep in the car after we left my old house. The thought of one of them carrying me in here while i was sleeping made me feel odd. No one had done that to me since I was a little girl and I would fall asleep in my living room at home and my mom would carry me to bed while I was sleeping. I would wake wondering where the hell I was not remembering walking to bed. It was a trip.

I observed the elegant bedroom thinking that whoever the owner was definitely had Taste. I Yawned and i sat up, The memory of the bathroom back home had me wanting to throw up. I tried my best to push it to the back of my mind. I glanced around the room a little longer taking a liking to the window with the beautiful view of a pool out back and then farther out was the woods. I looked at the huge bed lastly, It was so big and cozy looking. I walked out of the room trying to detach myself from the overwhelming urge to jump into the bed to go back to sleep. I wanted so badly to think this was a dream, to just wake up and be back in my old house again and my mom and Walter to be alive. I didn't have the best life with them but at least I knew them. I haven't seen the Twins since I was a little girl and even then I didn't like them. They were always bigger then me and never let me do anything fun. They never let me play outside alone when they would come to my house and they were always getting in the way of everything fun I wanted to do as a kid. They always said things weren't safe for me.

I was just feeling so down inside and uncomfortable in my body. I felt so alone and unlively now that my life was flipped over and ripped apart. I still couldn't come to terms or accept the fact that they were gone, how could I continue my life without a mother or father figure at 16 years old?

I shook my head side to side, closed my eyes and took a deep breath to calm myself before I went on another episode of panicking and freaking out. I decided to roam the house a little and find out where the Twins were. I haven't seen them in years before the funeral and have never been here to there house before. Since they were Walters kids and not my mothers I didn't see them much. I started to wonder how they could even afford a house this big. I made my way downstairs looking at the paintings on their walls as I followed the smell of food that lead me to two brown double doors at the end of the hallway that I assume were to the kitchen. I opened the door to find kale and Kingsley standing off to the side of the kitchen island having a low conversation as 3 other people who I assume were the chefs were by the stove cooking the food that smelled so good.

Currently though the twins were looking directly at me with expectant looks on both there faces. They just stared at me at first. My body was filled with weird tingly feelings every time they stared at me.  I could see they changed out of their funeral attire and were wearing casual sweatpants and shirts now. I wanted to get out of my dress too to wear something homy but the thought of wearing any clothes they bought me and not my own made me change my mind.

They were both the most intimidating guys I've ever came across. I swallowed as their eyes pierced through me, I felt so nervous all of a sudden.
"How are you feeling?" Kingsley was the first one to speak. His intense demeanor mirrored nothing but seriousness. They both watched me waiting for me to answer.

"Im Fine." I shrugged. My eyes darting around the kitchen. I didn't want to look them in the eyes and lie. But I felt like shit which is expected. I felt like any little thing could make me cry. I felt alone,  helpless and lost. I also knew how to hide it though. Or so I thought.

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