Chapter 2 ~A Misunderstanding, Or A Fatal Scar?~

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Angel's P~O~V

But I ignored it and made my way out of the class and towards the exit and soon was in the caras Cane pulled out of the drive way and to the movie theatre.


~~Chapter 2 ~~

Liam's P~O~V

As Angel left the class room every one started sauntering out of the class and I felt like crap.

"Dude, we hurt the wrong girl." whispered Ash in my ear as I sat there slumped

"Now what do we do?" asked Alex mybrother coming inthe now almost empty class room and with our enhnaced hearing I'm pretty sure he'd heard everything through the wall.

You see I'm a Shapshifter Vamp or a Were-vamp, me and a lot of others like us are a mixed breed that are shap shifters and vampires.

Our kind was actually not very common due to the deep hatered between vamps and werewolves and of course if the vampires don't get along with one shape shifter species then they were all the same to them.

But things tend to change and love and alliances come and then the child would either be born a vamp or what else the other parent that was not a vamp was.

But there were also children born that had both vamp and shipe shifter powers and stuff, thus they were named rare and were not given any name: Just plain and simple'a mixed breed'.

But soon it turned out there were more than just one 'rare mixed breed'as they'd clled it, it was just that they hid their identity's really well.

Though when it turned that we weren't rare and were actually a species, we were given names such were-vamps, vampire shapeshifters and so on...........

And so we have really good hearing and can choose if we want to live on meat or blood.

Some choose both, others pick one, either way it doesn't change anything.

Well okay if you plan on living on meat instead of blood your vampire power won't be of any use, but if live only onblood your whole life then you can use both your vampire powers and werewolf powers; I know it seem rather unfair, but that's just how it works.

And so our pack of Were-vamps only consists of those who live on meat, oh okay we do tend to get a snag or two of donated blood from the hospital (and we buy them with money), but other than thayt I diets consist mostly of meats and some junk food and wines.

Though I shouldn't really be thinking all this now because I've made the biggest mistake in my whole entire imortal life!

But seriously how was I to know she was human?!

I mean she looks exactly like HER!


You see it all started when our mother wanted my pack to come at this big ball the Royal King and Queen of the vampires were throwing in hopes of finding their daughter who was kidnapped at birth.

But like all other parties and search plans this one failed as well, but that day my brother and I met Princess Serene.

Serene was the most stunning girl we'd ever seen beautiful, graceful, devine and everything a guy could wish for.

So after that night I asked her out and she said yes.

For the rest of the whole 3 months I didn't even think of any other girl or even so dared to because Serene was all that mattered.

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