Mr. Zachary Part 9

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Its about 4 andWe start getting ready to go to kelseys.

ME: wait, is your mom gunna be home?

KELSEY: Oh no! her and my dad went on a date and a hotel for the night.

ME:Oh i see, but were did you meet this guy and were does he live?

KELSEY: I met him on facebook, and he lives a hour away. he just left his house so he will be here at 5. is that okay?

ME: yep. how old is he?


ME: Okay. see you soon

I set down my phone on the bathroom sink and get in the shower. When im done i get dressed into a pair of hollister ripped capris and a hollister pink t-shirt.I have mary do my hair. She blow dries it and straightens it.

"Kelsey says we should be there by 5." I say putting my mascara on.

"okay. i should get dressed then huh?" He said going into his room.

"Can i pick your outfit out for you?" I asked following him in his room


I look threw his closet and pick out a while hollisterpolo with blue letters onit and a light colored pair of jeans.

"There. how do you like it?" I ask

"You got a good taste in clothes." He kisses my forhead and gets dress. He looks good in the clothes.

I looked at my phone. its 4:43.

"We should go." I say putting on my Hurley jacket.

We make our way to kelseys house and walk inside.

"Heyyy guys." Kelsey says as she walks out of the bathroom. Shes wearing a mini skirt and a tank top.

"Um kelsey, you need to wear clothes when you meet someone new." I say pulling her intoher bedroom. I give her a pair of her jeans and a t-shirt.

"There, much better!" I say.

We all go sit on the couch to wait for this guy. I hold pauls hand.

"Aw you guys look so cute together!" Kelsey said look at us. I look at Paul and smile. he smiles back and says:

"I know, We are almost perfect together."

We kiss and hear a knock at the door. Kelseys eyes got really big and she jumps out of the chair and runs to the door. She opens it and brings him into the living room.

"Rey, Paul this is Chris." Chris is wearing a black and white stripped shirt with khaki pants. Hes ugly and he has pimples all over. She hugs him and looks at me.

KELSEY: OMG! he looked wayy cuter in pictures :(

ME: And thats why you dont date people off the internet :)

"Were is your bathroom at?" Chris says

"Down the hallway, last door to the left." She says with a smile.

He walks down the hallway and goes into the bathroom.

"Guys, What am i going to do?" she says in a hushed voice.

"Make up something so he leaves." Paul says.

"Ill try." She says

He comes out of the bathroom and makes his way back to the living room and sits right by Paul. He pulls out a little bag of green stuff. ThenI realized it was weed.

"Guys wanna smoke?" He pulls out a home-made pipe.

"No. i dont think anyone should." I say.

"I agree." Paul says

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