chapter thirteen ~ tour

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Brad and i spent the next day filming a cover for '505' for my YouTube channel and practicing their song 'Hands' which is the one we are going to sing on stage, me singing Sabrina Carpenters part. He took me on a dinner date and it was lovely. After dinner we went to the cinema then went back to the hotel for a chilled night in.

'Brad baby wake up, tour starts tonight!' i whisper whilst shaking his arm to which he just groaned in response.
'c'mon Brad its 9:30, we leave at 10'
I'd already gotten up, showered and got ready. I decided to leave Brad to sleep as he has a long day ahead.

'Taylor!' Tris exclaims and pulls me into a hug.
'Oh Tris! I've missed you!' i chuckle
'You two must be James and Connor' i say excitedly
'Haha yes we are, Brads told us all about you, i've been so excited to meet you' James replies and i look at Brad to see him blushing
'Aww isn't that just cute' i say pulling James into a hug and then Connor.
'I swear that boy never shuts up about you' Connor winks and i giggle
'I mean i am amazing so i don't blame him' i say smirking at him
'Yeh amazing in bed' Brad smirks to which i just hit his arm to. We make our way into the tour bus to go to our first location. Plymouth.

I go to the back of the tour bus to find Connor and Brad sitting playing xbox.
'Hello' i say to catch their attention
'Hey baby, just a minute' Brad says concentrating on the game of fifa they were playing.
'Yeh hi Taylor, 2 secs i'm just beating Brad' Connor says
'No you are not' Brad says with his tongue sticking out of the corner of his mouth.
'Taylor believe me, he's shit at fifa' Connor says
'That's believable, i'd probably beat him, i was always better than my brother' i smirk
'You have a brother?' Brad says shocked
'Well... I did' i said shrugging
'What happened to him?' Connor asks, he genuinely seems interested
'He was in the army and got killed a couple years back' i sighed trying to hold back tears
'Aww baby come here' Brad says holding his arms out. I sat on his lap and he wrapped his arms around me pulling me close. A tear slipped out my eye and Brad instantly wiped it away.
'Hey baby don't cry, he died serving his country which you should be very proud about' he says trying to lighten the mood.
'I know i know, i am so so proud of him but i miss him like mad, i love him' i say with my head down.
'And i bet he's proud of you too Taylor, you're an amazing person and an amazing singer!' Connor says
'Thank you Connor' i say smiling weakly.
'Anyway, I wanna beat you to in fifa' i smirk trying to change the subject as i don't want to cry right now.
'Alright whatever you say' Brad smirks and Connor hands me his controller
'I've got the best team by the way' Connor tells me and i check the team.
'Oh you weren't lying, this team isn't half bad' i say
'Isn't half bad!? It's amazing!' Connor exclaims and i chuckle.

I end up playing 3 games with Brad and 3 games with Connor. I won all games against Brad and won 2 against Connor.
'Jesus Taylor you weren't lying when you said you're good at fifa' Brad says.
'I mean i am a woman of my words' i say proudly
'Woman? How can you call yourself a woman when you act like a 5 year old' Brad chuckles
'Hey! I'm 21 years old! Just because you're a year older doesn't mean i'm a baby' i say
'You're my baby' Brad says pecking my lips.
'You're so cringe' I giggle as he pulls away

We arrive at the venue and they get straight into soundcheck when i see Maggie stroll on stage. She's gorgeous and she's got an amazing voice, i hope we get on well. After soundcheck i make my way to their room with them.
'Maggie this is Taylor, she's been dying to meet you, you've got a little fangirl here' he smirks and i giggle when in actual fact i'm embarrassed
'Hi i'm Maggie! Nice to meet you Taylor!' she says pulling me into a hug
'It's lovely to meet you too!' i smile
'So what do you do for a living' Maggie asks
'I'm a songwriter, I sing too, I have a YouTube channel called Taylor Riley where i post songs i've written and covers on' i tell her
'The boys told me you're singing Sabrina's part in hands?' she says
'Yes, yes i am, i cant wait! I've never performed on stage before' i tell her
'I'm excited to hear your voice! I'm sure you'll be great!' she says
'Thank you, I love your music' i say
'Thank you so much, you seem lovely, i can't wait to spend the rest of tour with you!' she says
'Me neither' i smile. Brad wasn't lying when he said she's lovely. She really is. I really hope we become friends. We chat for another hour or so getting to know each other more.

I watch Brad get his makeup and hair done. Their makeup artist was called Amelia and she was lovely, and amazing at makeup.
'Aww look at my pretty boy!' i say sarcastically
'I hate you' he says whilst shaking his head smiling
'No you don't'
'Yes i do'
'No you don't'
'Yes i do'
'You really really don't'
'Okay fine i love you'
'That's better' i smile
'Y'know maybe if you did his makeup everyday i wouldn't have to pretend to think he's pretty' i say to Amelia
'Don't even lie Taylor he's a pretty boy, you're one lucky girl'
'Isn't she just!' Brad smirks
'A lucky girl that has to pick up all his shit on the daily' i roll my eyes
'I'm not that messy' he retorts
'Don't even go there' i say

Amelia leaves the room leaving just Brad and i.
'So... it's just me and you in this room' he smirks
'No shit sherlock, didn't take a scientist to work that one out' i smirk whilst placing my hand on his cheek. I feel his hot breath against my cheek before his lips brush against mine. He carries me over to the sofa and sits down. I put my legs on each side of his hips and we both lean in until our lips connect. His hands holding me steady by the waist and one of my hands draped over his shoulder and the other one made its way to his hair. The kiss started off slow and soon got rough and passionate. Our tongues fighting in the process
'Brad!' Joe shouts disturbing our makeout session. He walks in and his eyes widen.
'Sorry for disturbing you two but it's almost showtime!' Joe says awkwardly
'We'll just be a minute Joe!' i tell him as he leaves.
'I best get going' Brad says
'I can't wait to see my baby perform! You better own that stage!' i smile
'Remember you're performing too' he smiles back
'I know! I can't wait!' i say clapping my hands excitedly
'I can't wait to see you perform! You'll be amazing!' he tells me
'I'm kinda nervous to be honest. I've never done anything like this before' i say worriedly
'Taylor, you'll be great. I mean have you heard your voice!? Like damn' he says and i chuckle
'Right let's get going' i say as i climb off him and reach out for his hand, pulling him up. We walk to the side of the stage hand in hand until it's one minute until showtime.
'Can i get a good luck kiss?' he pouts and i peck his lips causing a large smile to form on his face.
'Off you go!' I shout through the screaming crowd and he kisses my forehead before.

Thank you so much for reading!
Finally their on tour lol xo

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