Drops of Silver

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Starting tomorrow, I'm anorexic! I thought enthusiastically to myself. Before you judge me, I wasn't doing it for control. I was happy with the control I had on my life. I didn't need any more. It was my parents, you see. They were having a few issues. So I devised and a plan. It was perfect. If I became anorexic, they would focus all of their attention on me. When they did that, they wouldn't have enough time to spend fussing at each other. And Bam! Relationship fixed. Yeah, I know. I was brilliant. If I could keep them together one more year until my eighteenth birthday, I was sure they would fix everything up between themselves. I can do this! I thought to myself. I can totally be without the yummy deliciousness of food for a little while. If it was for my family, I would do it. I had read all of the stories. I had seen all the video blogs. I knew what I was going to become. I knew I would be sick. I had to do it though. At the time it seemed to be my only option, because talking wasn't working anymore. I couldn't deal with the stress. If I couldn't handle it I know my younger sister couldn't. If their relantionship wasn't fixed by my eighteenth birthday I was moving out, and I would take little sister with me. I wouldn't make her stay in this turmoil.

I walked over to my bed and climbed in it letting the soft sheet envelop me. It was nice and comfortable. I felt safe between my awesome tie dye sheets. Slowly, my mind wandered to that night. The sudden realization that I had my last dinner for the next year... Well, technically eleven and a half months was kind of unnerving. I knew everything would be great by that time next year. It had to be. If it wasn't I would make it be great... somehow. I promised myself this as a slowly drifted to sleep... That night, I had the weirdest dream ever...

Imagine the prettiest color you have ever seen, and then multiply the beauty of them by five zillion. That's how I felt. Somehow, I was in a room, but not a room. It was more of a white vast area. There was no floor. There were only these beautiful colors surrounding me. They twirled and spun with so much levity. I had never seen anything so beautiful before. I wanted to capture it. I wanted to hold them. My hands began to move on their own. I was reaching out to them. Amazingly, when I reached them, they just passed through me as if I were a ghost or something. I frowned. This time I will catch it! I though. Instead of just reaching for it, I wrapped both of my hands around a modicum of the colors.

I was pretty sure I had gotten it, because I felt it moving in my grasp. It was practically breathing. If colors can breathe, that is. Transfixed by its movement, I didn't notice that is was growing hotter until it was too late. It singed my hands.

"Crap!" I grumbled, after I had already dropped it. The color wasn't fazed though. It was as vivid as ever. I glared at it. "Note to self: never grab a pretty color thing."

"Hey!" An angry yet melodic voice yelled at me.

Quickly, I spun around to see who was there. I saw no one though... weird.

"Child, I am over here" The melodic voice stated. I frowned. I might have been many things, but I wasn't a kid. I turned to see a gorgeous guy in a black and red pin stripped suit. He looked like an angel with his beautiful emerald eyes, and the way his black hair fell past his shoulders framing his face. He was hot... no, sexy. He could have only been around twenty.

He chuckled. I soon figured out why though. My mouth was hanging open. I quickly shut it, embarrassed. Man, I had made a great first impression. My face heated up. I wasn't too worried about it though. My olive skin could hide it when I blushed.

"Umm...Hi?" I said.

"Hello, my name is Lucian." He said as he reached out his hand to me. I smiled and took it.Lucian gave me a mischievous grin. "So, you're the famous Raine Tempest."

I gaped at him. " How do you know my name?"

He ignored my question. Lucian just went over to the colors that were surrounding us and grabbed one. He stroked it and lulled the color to life. It began to twirl and pirouette vividly as the one that had burned me did. The only difference was this one was growing larger. It was as big as me. Suddenly, it vanished leaving as girl behind. The weird thing was she was practically a photocopy of me!

"Welcome, Erina" Lucian greeted her with his silky voice.


I added a picture of what Lucian is sort of suppose to look like :D

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