Chapter Forty Four.

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"Yeah, you really got me now
You got me so I don't know what I'm doin' now
Oh yeah, you really got me now
You got me so I can't sleep at night"


From the tone in Drews voice I can already picture her scrunching her nose up, that puzzled crease between her brows forming as she blinks, "Uh, Sure? But why do I need to know what you're wearing?"

I smile to myself at how clueless she is, ignoring her question and keep my voice casual, testing her reaction.

"I'm in my underwear" 

Rather be in you though.

I glance down to my half naked body sprawled on the bed; and contemplate for a moment whether I should take a picture and send it to her.

That might be a bit much though, and to be honest -- she doesn't seem overly fussed on my body. Not in the way I am with hers. Am I not her usual type? Does she have a type? What did her ex look like?

I have caught her staring at me a couple times though; I'd hope it was out of attraction and not because she thinks I'm a total fuckwit.

"I'd say I'm shocked but I'm not -- do you ever wear clothes when you're at home?"

I notice Drews voice has a slight strained inflection, that she covers well with her usual dry tone. Not well enough though.

Does she like the thought of me in my underwear?

I just wanna know how she feels, or what she thinks when she looks at me. She never gives it away, always keeps her cards close to her chest.

I know she's mentioned that I'm attractive but it felt like a general statement, I wanna know if I'm attractive to her. Like if we were strangers in a room, would I get her attention?

Would I be the one she noticed in a crowd?

"I'd be wearing less if you were here" I say, trying to keep my voice playful but can't help how it lowers with the images running rife through my head.

I'll just give her a gentle nudge in the right direction and see if she catches on.

Drew clears her throat, and I feel my chest inflate over the fact I think the idea of that is affecting her the same way it is me.

"Do you not have an off button? I swear you snort viagra" I can hear the breathy air in her words, her voice piqued and faltering her deadpan demeanor.

Getting flustered love? I am.

"Only got an on button around you, heartbreaker" I muse, trying not to get too ahead of myself but nudge a little bit further, "Would you like that though Drew? If you were here right now? Can't help remembering how good you looked on my bed in a towel."

"Well I'm not there" she points out, and I wonder if she's got that flush on her cheeks yet. If her heart's beating faster like mine is, "Guess you'll have to deal with just the memories."

She's not making this easy. I can work with it though.

"Trust me Drew, when I tell you those memories have served me very well" I reply in slow voice, feeling my own breathing shallow as I let my mind drift off to those sounds that melt out of her throat and how warm her skin is, "Wanna try and make a new memory right now?"

"Harry..." she trails off, sounding like she's debating on something and then speaks, "You can't... You can't come over tonight, it's- it's just not a good night."

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