Lev x reader

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I was bored and decided to make one.


This year, you're gonna be a 1st year in Nekoma high school.

After nightmares at your middle school.

You were bullied by your own crush.
Most of the people there hated you because of him. They beat you up to pieces back then. They cyber bullied you and you became depressed at that time.

You only had 1 friend who's on your side at middle school back then.

But both of you never talked to each other anymore ever since holiday started.

Your crush was popular back then. He was good looking but a jerk. You regret for confessing to him.

You were not pretty back then and you were bullied for your looks. But you were really talented at sports especially basket and volley.

Now, puberty hit you hard. You became prettier than before. You changed a lot.

(A/n : your ex crush's name is Adrian btw don't get confused.)


"Um... Adrian... I-I like y-you."
You confessed to him with all your confidence.

Then with a flat expression Adrian answered,

"Hm... okay... but you're too ugly for me."

You widened your eyes and thought about the words he told you.

Then, he burst out laughing,

"Bahahahhah, you expect me to like you back? With that ugly face? Hell nah."

Then he ran away and told all of his friends.

Rumours spread really fast.

Everyone started laughing at you and bullied about your looks.

You can only come home and cry whenever you feel like to.

End of flashback

First day of school

You woke up at 5.00 and got ready as fast as you can.

You were super excited.

A new life..
A happier one...

You ran to school and went to find your name at the student list.

You're at 1-A class. 

The bell rung and the teacher immediately introduced you to your new classmates.

You sat beside a tall figure around 190cm with grey hair.

Both of you didn't talk because you were to shy to start a conversation.

But this tall guy kept staring at you the whole 1st period.

At the 2nd period he started a conversation.

"I'm Lev Haiba."

He gave you a wide smile which caused you to blush a bit.
'Cute' you thought to yourself.

You answered with a blank expression.

The rest of the period both of you talked and got to know each other.

Break time...

You went out of class and accidentally bumped into someone.

"Oh.. sorry."

His voice sounds familiar.
You lifted your head and look at the person on the face.

Oh no...
This is my worst nightmare...

"(Y/n)? Is it you?"

You gave him a small nod.

He laughed at you and started insulting you.

You were scared and trembling inside.

You ran to the toilet as fast as you can.
You started to sob.

A few minutes later,
You went back to class because class was starting soon.

Lev was looking at you.

"Were you crying?"


"Don't lie..."

"You know you can tell me what happened I can help you."

After you heard those words, you felt like telling him what happened because you really need someone to listen to you.

You ended up telling him the whole story.

Lev listened to every single word you said.
Which made you developed feelings for him.

Next morning...

Lev's POV

I'm going to ask (y/n) out for a date today. Looks like I developed feelings for her. I even asked for her phone number yesterday after school.

I hurried to school and texted her to meet up at her house and walk her to school.

I arrived in front of her house and saw her waving at me.

Both of us immediately went to school.

It was awkward silence.

I used up all my confidence to confess.

"Uh... (y/n)... I've been meaning to tell you this."

She looked at me and our eyes met.

"I like you. Please date me!"
I blushed wildly and bowed.

She looked at me and formed a huge smile on her face.

"I like you too."

Normal POV

Both of you started dating since then.

Both you and Lev were a cute couple.

To put revenge on Adrian, Lev often pick fights with him.

Adrian was scared of him because Lev's body was way bigger than his.

Since then, Adrian never bothered you anymore.


This story was weird I'm sorry.

I'll make a nicer one next time.
Anyways, tests are coming next week.
So... I won't be updating maybe.

I'll be very busy coz I need to get good scores.

Bai bai XD

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