June 1-15

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Today was absolutely terrible because I had to wake up and go to this hell whole that they call a school. I would skip everyday if I could but the only reason I go is to see my buddies. I love them all to death. They are so supportive and they stick up for me. Their my support and they don't judge me. I've know Ryan since kindergarten. Then in the first grade we met Clark and Aaron. We are like a little family and I don't want it to change. If I had to chose Ryan is my best friend. We talk more and I can tell him anything. He always helps me stop crying when I'm upset about something (mostly about my dad). Clark and Aaron are best friends because they knew each other longer than they knew me and Ryan so it's cool if we pick favorites. I can trust all of them with my life.

They helped me so much today especially Ryan I started crying and he held me then we all had a big group hug it meant the world to me. It's a good thing we have had all the same classes since 1st grade because i counld'nt live without them. Except since we are in high school now we were separated but we all have a class with one another at some point. I love my last class because all of us have that one together. I think that class is History. We eat lunch outside almost everyday. We joke around and play pranks on one and other all the time. They are the only things keeping me from going completely psycho. Do you have friends like this? I've never known how much they meant to me till my dad came back.


-He's the funniest guy I've ever met

-We have 1 period together

-He always cheers me up by saying or doing something funny

-He goes out with this girl named Abigail who doesn't like me very much

-Favorite jokes are yo mama and that's what she said

-We at least have to talk once a day so he can make me laugh

-He loves skateboarding

-He is my funny best friend and I love him like a brother


-He is a soccer player

-He loves xbox

-Favorite color is orange

-In my 3rd period

-The amazingly talented drawer

-Used to be my least favorite out of our because we barely talked

-The guy always drawing me cool pictures

-I have to talk to him once a day because were pretty close

-His girlfriend is Amanda I guess you can call her my friend

-I love him so much he's like my brother

Ryan: (my amazing best friend who I love no matter what)

-He's a football player

-A amazing singer but I'm the only one who knows he can sing

-His other friends besides Me, Clark, and Aaron are jerks they are always trying to touch me and Ryan tells them to leave me alone but they aren't going to listen to him

-I've known his since kindergarten

-He can always make me smile and brighten my day no matter

-His hugs are the best

-My track buddy (I convinced him to tryout for track with me in 7th grade and he was actually really good at it) so know we spend alot of time together that way

-He's in my 2nd period and in me, clark, and aaron's last period

-He loves me

-Has helped me through everything with my dad

-Is so supportive of me

-Doesnt have a girlfriend (me and him are strictly just friends and I think that's all we'll ever be even though secretly I'm in love with him)

-Hates that I can't have a boyfriend

-Told me he is in love with me in 7th grade

-favorite color is purple

-Is always happy but I'm the only one who knows the pain he's going through

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