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"A food fight?" Patton smiled as he finished helping a customer, turning to see Logan staring at a cupcake in confusion. "They were having a food fight?"

"Yep, it was actually really cute. Roman even tried making an excuse and everything." Logan shook himself from his thoughts as he went to help the next person. That's what they've been doing. Both have been here selling sweets to raise money. Logan didn't know why he had offered to help but even still he found himself here beside the bubbly prince. He usually does though for some reason. If he's not studying or experimenting, he was with Patton.

The other had a unique ability to draw people in, especially those who would typically be alone. Logan and Virgil being the biggest when it came to introverts. Ironically however with Patton Logan didn't find himself longing for alone time. And the fact that Virgil was having a food fight was beyond extraordinary, although that was with Roman... who was spelled. Logan should help more with figuring out an anti spell. After the final, he'll have nothing but time. Let's just hope things don't go south till then.

"Here." Logan frowned as he looked up to find Virgil standing there holding this tray of cupcakes. Blue sat of Virgil's shoulder as Roman stood several paces behind. Logan didn't need to know emotions to see the pain in the prince's eyes as he watched Virgil from afar. "Logan?" 

"Oh, right." Logan took the tray as Virgil smiled. "Do you have any more chocolate ones? People seem to like them." Virgil nodded as he glanced over at Roman before frowning. 

"Yeah. I've got some more. I also made some chocolate marshmallow ones but uh... It'll be a bit before I can make anymore." Virgil scratched at his cheek awkwardly as he looked away. "I'm all out of mix."

"It's quite alright, Virgil. What you have is plenty enough. We've already met our goal. At this point, it's just a matter of getting the word out." Virgil beamed as he glanced over at Patton who was nodding. 

"That's great Patton. I'm happy for you." Patton just laughed as he shook his head.

"Don't be kiddo. You're the one who did all the hard work. We just maned the stations." Virgil smiled softly as he nodded. Roman carefully brought over another tray of cupcakes noticing right away how Virgil quickly left. Patton narrowed his eyes as he shot Roman a look. "What was that about?"

"Let's just say I made things a bit tense." Roman sighed as he passed the tray over to Logan who frowned seeing how Roman leaned against the table. "It's hard, Patton."

"Hard? What's hard?" Roman narrowed his eyes as he stared off at where Virgil ran. "Roman?"

"I love him." Patton's eyes went wide as Logan started to choke on air. "But Virgil's convinced it's not real."

"Well according to him he did spe..." Roman shot Logan this look cutting the man off who froze up in shock.

"I know exactly what he did. I tried to get him to listen and I... I fucked up." Roman groaned in annoyance as he shook his head. 

"What'd you do?" Patton reached out rubbing the other prince's arm as Roman teared up.

"I fell into the moment."

"I see." Roman nodded as he hugged himself.

"We were laughing, and he was right there smiling... covered in chocolate. I... I kissed him." A loud sound crashed behind them as Roman and Patton looked back to see Logan picking up a now empty metal tray from the floor.

"Roman, I'm sure Virgil isn't..." Roman rolled his eyes as Patton tried to comfort him.

"That isn't the point, Patton. I kissed him because I love him and he thinks I love him because of a fucking spell." Patton reeled back as Roman growled animalisticly. "It's hard."

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