Chapter 30(Ark 3, The Magical Diamond)

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Mao turns towards the jungle, allowing him to see what he fears the most. The woman from before. The one who tried to seduce Red. 

Her voice reeks of seduction, her sudden appearance causes several people to feel uncomfortable. 

Rosa slowly rises from the barrel she is sitting on, holding Alaavia in her arms. Alaavia for her own part seems very frightened by the woman who lies her eyes on both her and Mao respectively. 

Ash: Who is this Mao?

Mao's hands begins shaking, confusing Ash while he looks on the two. 

Mao gulps before he says: it's a long story. 

The woman: it sure is. and quite the story as well. isn't it Mao? 

Mao's shaking continues from his hands to his whole body, Ash realises that Mao is not particularly happy that the woman is here. 

She turns her gaze to Alaavia who hugs onto Rosa tightly, obviously not wanting to be taken from the safe grip. 

Woman: Hand her over to me. 

Rosa: Why? who are you even? What is your story with Mao? 

The woman comes closer to Rosa who tightens her grip on the young girl in her arms. 

Woman: That girl belongs to me. 

Her words are spitted out towards Rosa who does not believe her. 

Ash: Mao, could you please tell us who this woman is?

Mao shudders as the woman eyes Alaavia, he takes a deep breath.

Mao: this woman, was......

Red: was what?

Mao: My former lover. 

Everyone: WHAT?!

Ash: She is your former love?!

Red: And so ugly? how could you chose her?

Woman: be careful tough guy, or i'll show you some manners. 

Rosa: But, what is this then? Where does she come into the picture of Alaavia? 

Mao: Well, Alaavia's mother died when she was young, and the issue of ownership and upbringing quickly became a matter of debate. 

Woman: It was a bit complicated, as i were a new addition to your dispicable family.

Mao: Don't you dare insult my family!

The others look with a bit confusion on the two arguing adults. 

Rosa: May you continue telling what happened? 

While Rosa says her words, Alaavia holds Rosa tighter. 

Mao: And so, i wanted to take care of her. But my lover didn't. She wanted no children at all.

Woman: We didn't need to take care of a child that weren't ours Mao.

Mao: But again, we had to give her the help she deserved. Just like the rest of the family we are always going to give our children a good upbringing. Alaavia couldn't get that if i didn't raise her. 

Rosa looks confused from Mao to the woman.

Rosa: But, i still don't get why she belongs to you or why you want her. 

Woman: You see, she came from my sister of his family. Therefore, she entrusted the child to me when she died.

Mao: She didn't! She wasn't even your sister! She was mine and entrusted Alaavia to grow up under my care!

Woman: Lies! You only want the girl for yourself!

Ash and Red both look equally confused from the two arguers. Neither knows who to believe. Rosa meanwhile looks on Alaavia, she doesn't seem to want to be part of the argument. 

Rosa: but, what does she say? 

Mao and the woman stop arguing and look on Rosa. 

Mao: What do you mean?

Rosa: What does the young one say? What if she can chose who she wants to live under?

Alaavia hides her face in Rosa's shoulder as she hears Rosa's words. 

Mao: Well, maybe?

Woman: It is nothing to talk about. She would chose me and that's final! 

The woman walks closer to Rosa and harshly rips the young one out of Rosa's arms. Alaavia gets frightened the moment she leaves Rosa's embrace.

Alaavia: i don't want to go with you!

Woman: shut it child! 

''And what do you think you are doing?''

The sudden voice causes everyone to turn to it. The woman gets a ice look as she sees who is there. 

There is Nate, or Captain Kyohei. 

His trench coat is flowing with the calm wind, his arms are crossed while his look is nothing more than serious. 

The woman begins backing from him, trying to drag Alaavia with her. 

Nate: can someone explain to me who this woman is?

Nate is certainly not impressed by the woman who is trying to escape him. 

Rosa: She is Mao's old lover, but now mortal enemy. 

Nate raises his eyebrow at the woman, the veil around her mouth hides her lips. There is something really fishy about her. 

Nate: Mao, tell me. If she is your former lover, then why is she afraid of me? 

It is then the others realise it. She is certainly trying to back away from Nate, Alaavia who is being held by her is trying her best to escape her grip. 

Ash: That doesn't make sense, why would you try to run from Nate when you haven't even seen him before? 

The woman's eyes show a emotion that seems new to her. Fear. 

Red: Why fear him when you have never met him? 

Woman: eeh, well......

Alaavia: She is queen Sirikit of Maga Khan!

Woman: I said shut up child!

On hearing this, Red drags up his pistol and points it at the woman who goes pale at him.

Red: Let her go, or i'll pummel a bullet in your eye. 

Before he gets to pull any trigger however, Nate forces his gun down. Being more interested in the woman's face. 

Nate: Any real woman would show their faces, and not cover themselves in a manner like you do. Unless you are part of the muslim kingdoms of Africa that we have raided a good amount of times.

The woman begins sweating, it is certainly not easy to be in her situation. 

Nate: But it seems you don't want to tell us what your business with the girl is. 

Nate then drags Alaavia out of the woman's grip, the woman turns around to run, only to be stopped dead in her tracks by Ash and Red. 

Before she gets to say anything, Nate has dragged off her the veil that covers her face. On seeing her face, Nate realises who she is. 

Nate: The queen of the khan of the jungle i see. Now we have the bait ready.

Wrapping up another chapter of The Magical Diamond ark.

This chapter was meant to come out yesterday, but my girlfriend had her birthday so i had to protitize her first. 

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