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3 years ago:
Ria returned from her school...she saw her brother Tuhin discussing something with her mother Soma. Seeing her Soma asked her daughter to see the invitation card. It read Koustav was marrying Nikita.

Tuhin was 6 years older than Ria.Koustav was Tuhin's best friend.Tuhin was the only person who knew about Ria's feelings for Koustav. Whereas Koustav fought for his parents' acceptance of his relationship with Nikita.

Tuhin noticed this single moment changed his bubbly sister into a matured person. She accepted the whole news with a happy face...and went to her room.

Feb 26 was the date. Tuhin took part in every ritual of Koustav's wedding as his best friend should. Ria could not come to the wedding due to her upcoming exams..and as usual no body noticed.

Months passed by.....

Ria got her admission in a college in North Bengal and left Kolkata. Her parents were not very happy at her leaving Kolkata...but Tuhin convinced them...and made it easier for Ria to leave.

Koustav was happy with Nikita with their new life...He had a loving wife...caring parents....the news of their upcoming child.

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