Chapter 4: It's Starting

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Changbin groaned. Was the heat on. He checked the clock. His eyes focusing on the flashing light it read, 12:00 am. Ugh! It's going to be a nightmare getting up for work tomorrow.

Shuffling his way to the bathroom, leaving Gyu in Felix's arms, Changbin winced when he turned on the light. He felt sickly and noticed he was struggling to breathe. Huh.

Looking in the mirror was a completely different story. He was, head to toe, drenched in sweat. His cheeks were flushed and his breath came out wheezy.

Stumbling over to his phone, he called Chan. After a few rings, a mumbled 'hello' was heard over the line.

Of course Chan would pick up this late. Changbin would have to chastise him later.

Taking a few seconds to catch his breath, Changbin whispered, "C-chan, u-uhm, I think I'm sick."

"Huh, what? What do you mean?" (Chan's inner parent coming out)

"I don't know, but I've been feeling sickly and gross, like someone turned the thermostat up as a practical joke." Changbin whined, throat hoarse from lack of sleep.

"Changbin, do you know when your heat is?" Chan asked over the line, tone completely serious.

"It can't be. I-it isn't supposed to start till next month!" Changbin gasped.

"It's not uncommon for it to start early, you know."

Changbin notices how many symptoms of his heat starting he's been having: sweaty, mood swings, fatigue, etc.

"What'll I do?! Felix doesn't know, I'm totally unprepared, and-and-"

"Calm down, uhm, I'm sure we'll work something out."

"How is this gonna work out!?" Changbin whisper-yells. He takes a few breaths before composing himself. "Okay, is there some way we can get Felix out of the apartment?"

"I could tell him we have a business project to work on, and we prefer the sound there." Chan quickly thinks up. He'd been dealing with this for longer than Changbin.

"Okay, good."

"I'll quickly buy some stuff from the store." (Yes it's a 24-hour store.)

"Wait. The store isn't by- Chan! Have you been staying at the studio late again!"

There's a few moments of silence before Chan responds. "No?"

"It's like my heat came to make sure you don't work so late," Changbin sighs, "I bet Woojin is worried. You're gonna die when you get home."

A soft sigh is heard over the phone. "I know. I'm at the store, you should probably sleep some more."

"But, wait, what about Fel-" Chan hangs up before Changbin can finish.

'I'm doomed' Changbin thinks, as he slips back into bed.

Felix's arms automatically wrap around Changbin, as he runs his hands through Changbin's hair.

'Maybe it's not so bad' Changbin thinks, shoving his face into Felix's neck.

As he drifts off, Changbin swears he hears 'My Binnie Binnie' and smiles to himself.

Sorry if this seems a little thrown in there, I have no idea where I'm going with the plot.

Stay tuned more about the night, next on Give Me Some Attention!

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