Chapter 17: Match

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The group of students started to get loud. All of the girls came up to me and started interrogating me. I stayed quiet because I have no idea what the answers are to their unceasing questions. My mind is whirling. I don't know if it's because, I didn't eat breakfast or I'm just that embarrassed to death.
Bakugo was surrounded by, Sero, Kirishima and kaminari. I could see that he's about to blow up any second now.

"SHUT THE HELL UP AND LEAVE US THE FUCK ALONE" He yelled to his classmates' non stop jabbering.
Everyone got quiet for a moment and looked at the angry ash blond, panting in anger.
"W-we all should stop making a ruckus in the mall" Iida our class president said, uncomfortably who also seem to be in shocked of the unlooked for information.
Thank you Iida you're a saviour.

Bakugo started making his way towards me.
Everyone around me took a step or two back, indicating their fear of getting blown up in the face.
Bakugo looked at me and pouted. My heart swell seeing him give off that expression. He looked shy and soft.
Everyone's puzzled faces started to return to normal.

Despite the shocking reveal of our "relationship" we all managed to go our separate ways.
"Morons " Bakugo mumbled through his gritted teeth.
"What's wrong?" I asked.
He isn't acting like his usual self. He's walking in front of me, and avoiding eye contact. He seems bothered by something.
"Bakugo" I called out again.
He turned around and revealed his completely flushed face.
"Now they know" he said and smirk.
"Know what" I asked.
"That you're mine" he said with a smug, like he had just accomplished something.
My insides melts.
I couldn't find a word to say, and just nod.
Why can't I say something when he say something so confusing and demanding yet so cute and sweet.

Gosh he's complicated.

We continued to walk around for the next 2 hours, and it's mostly me, dragging Bakugo to every store that caught my eyes. He didn't seem to mind... surprisingly.
"Time to eat" I beamed.
"Well aren't you jolly" he said and smirked at me.
"Well I barely go to malls and I'm just happy you came along."
"Yea.." he looked embarrassed for a second.
Woah! No "whatever"... that's new.
Bakugo has been gentle and nice to me for the past few days, and I'm so loving it.
He lack of communication, and I could see him working on that. It puts a smile on my face.

We made our way to the food court and met up with the rest. We all sat in groups in different tables but close enough from each other.
Bakugo bought Yodaredori a chicken dipped in spicy aromatic sauce.
And I got myself some chicken cutlets with egg on top.
"Can I have some Bakugo?" I asked as I point my chopsticks at his food.
He picked up a big piece of chicken with his chopsticks and held it up.
"Here dumbass"
Is he ... waiting for my to eat it from his chopsticks??
Everyone in our group stopped from eating and watches us. I could see their mischievous little eyes on us, giggling.
I started to blush but Bakugo looked unbothered. I gulped and ate the chicken from Bakugo's chopsticks.
He looked amused  while I tried my best to swallow the big piece he gave me, trying not to choke in embarrassment.

It was... TOO SPICY! Is his tastebuds okay?

I could handle spice very well but this is too much for me.
My face start to turn completely red and I repeatedly slam the table asking for water.
Bakugo snorted.
Is this boy a sadist?
Once he saw the corner of my eyes started to welled up with tears his smirking face was replaced with guilt.
"Are you okay, hey" he said, touching my back.
He immediately gave me his water and I gladly chugged it down.
"Can I have some too Bakugo" Mina asked as she try to get some of Bakugo's food.
Bakugo quickly swat her chopsticks away, "get your own fucking food raccoon eyes"
"You're so unfair, you let Y/n try it." She giggled and grins at me, like she was teasing me.
"So what?" Bakugo barked out.
"Hehehe nothing, just amazed how YOU could be so caring and sweet to someone" she looked at me and smiled.
She was talking about me and I know it.
It made me blush. Does other people really see us like that?
"Yeah, I'm surprised to see this side of Bakugo" Kirishima added.
"What the fuck do you mean by that shitty hair?" Bakugo growl at the red head.
"Y/n is the only person you don't scream at"
Oh trust me, he does.... sometimes.
"I could see you glare at me whenever I try to talk to her. Now it all make sense" Kirishima continued.
Oh trust me, he's just like that.
"And she's the only person you call by her name" Sero added.
Oh trust me, my name is dumbass.
"S-so what fuckers?" Bakugo scoffed and he's clearly out of words.
I mean, Bakugo is quite more gentle around me, especially when we're alone together.
I mean we've been "friends" since middle school, he's just more comfortable with me.


We all finished our lunch and started going our separate ways in the mall again.
This time I really want to buy something.
At least one thing.
I'm stuck with Bakugo again, not like I don't like it, I actually like it.
We went to Claire's, which gave Bakugo the goosebumps. I guess he doesn't like going to girly stores.
I bet this makes his skin crawl.
"Really, are you a kid?" He complained.
I rolled my eyes at him and I looked over at the earrings section, trying to look for a pair.
As I look through the set of earrings I saw a matching one.
It's just a plain black diamond with gold plated around it.
I grabbed it and looked over at Bakugo, whose eyes are wandering around the store.
"Bakugo, do your have your ears pierced?" I asked.
He looked over to me, "yeah" he answered.
"Really when did you get it pierced?" I asked surprised.
"I can't remember"
"Did your parents allowed you?" I asked again.
"For fuck's sake they're fashion designers" he said, annoyed.
I'll take that as a yes!
My smile grew bigger as I show him the matching earrings.
I didn't said a word and just smile at him, hoping he'll get the idea and will say YES!
We stare at each other for a few seconds, as I bat my eyelashes at him with shiny eyes.
My smile bigger that extends to my eyes "please". He rolled his eyes and sighed in defeat "fine, dumbass" he smirked.

We payed for the earrings and I quickly put them on as soon as we got out of the store.
I insisted him to wear his pair but he refused.
He said he'll wear them tomorrow.
Speaking of tomorrow, it's our internship.
To be continued...

I decided to make it diamond and gold for BLING! BLING! Because Bakugo is just that classy

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I decided to make it diamond and gold for BLING! BLING! Because Bakugo is just that classy.

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