Chapter 20

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Alright! Rex was suppose to write this chapter, but he's to busy with college and AP classes. Sooo I dragged Kyrei into this! :3 The following chapter was written by him! :3 -Lie:3

Kyrei's POV

"Where to babe?" I asked.

"Um..wherever I want to go right?" He mumbled shyly.

I laughed, "Yea."

"I want to go wherever you want to go, we can go where I want to go another time," I looked at him with a raised eyebrow, but he only played with his fingers.

"Alright then, we'll go to the old cinema. It's not to far from here anyway, then we can go eat at Logan's..hope you don't mind."

"Not at all."

I climbed onto my bike and turned on the ignition before grabbing the helmet off the back and handing it to Rex. He took it from me slowly, but slid it on none the less. When he managed to climb on after me I kicked off the supporter. He still didn't seem sure of his self so I pulled his hands forward and around my waist before I started to take off. Thankfully I remembered how to get to the cinema, not very well, but still. I pulled up in one of the closer spots and cut the engine, waiting for Rex to get off. When he did he handed me the helmet and began staring at the ground.

I took It back and put it in the lock on the back of my bike before kicking out the supporter and getting off myself. When I knew my bike wouldn't fall I turned back to Rex and grabbed one of his hands into mine. He blushed slightly before gripping my hand back while we walked to the enterance. Some people were giving us weird looks, but I could care less, I loved him no matter what. When we got to the line I put my arm around his waist and kissed the side of his head, earning more looks.

Instead of rolling my eyes I only smiled lightly and put my head on Rex's. He chuckled when I put my other arm around him and hugged him from the side. At this point a few people laughed with him, but a few others tried to hide their kids from seeing us and give me a look of disgust. The line finally ended and I took one of my arms from Rex and paid the woman behind the glass. She gave us a warm smile and even only made me pay for one ticket, I new there would be a fan girl around here! I moved Rex to the side door so we could go in.

"Can we go to the counter?" He whispered.

"Sure," I whispered loudly in response.

He laughed at me again as I got us a large popcorn and soda. I only gave him a wink and shifted him to my other side as we went to the usher. The woman split the tickets and told us to go to the right and into theater eight. I didn't hesitate to move forward and take Rex with me, I kept covering his ears everytime someone mentioned what movie we were seeing. For some reason I wanted It to be a surprise for him. Since this was the old theater there was rarely any movie after two thousand nine in here, and the two thousand nine movies were just accepted to play here about a month ago. I had managed to get the owner to put through for another movie that was two thousand ten.

"Avatar: The Last Airbender? How is this in theaters? This came out two years ago," Rex asked me in confusion.

"This is a old theater babe, had to pull a few strings with the owner to get this movie in here though, figured we could come see it together since It's our favorite show."

Rex tilted my head down to his and kissed me lightly before pulling back, "This is perfect babe, thank you for doing this."

I only kissed Rex roughly and pulled him into the theater. I let him pick where we sat and we ended up in the center of the top row. We still had about five minutes before the movie would begin so Rex started to throw popcorn at me and I kept catching it in my mouth. Apparently no one else wanted to see the movie, what has this world come to? When the lights dimmed Rex stopped throwing the popcorn at me and turned to the screen. The movie trailers were playing right now and of course they were all of the old movies. Right before the rest of the lights went out two more people came into the theater and sat near the bottom.

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