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"Virgil?" Virgil paused what he was doing in confusion as he looked up to find Roman bent over beside him trying to watch with eyes filled with childlike wonder. "What are you doing?"

"Baking." Virgil could see Roman falter a bit as he continued to add ingredients into the bowl. He didn't know why he agreed to do this. After what happened with Roman, Virgil swore he would never bake again but Patton was super persuasive. Plus it wasn't the actual baking that was the problem. So here he was again... in the kitchen. "Patton asked me to help so..."

"Uh... What are you baking?" Virgil tried to ignore the anxiety that seemed to spill out of Roman as he put some trays in the oven and let out a content sigh.

"Mini cupcakes." Virgil frowned as his hands started to shake. He grabbed the icing and set to decorating the finished batch of cupcakes on the counter. He was going to be making a lot. These ones were just regular vanilla with white frosting. Roman watched as he worked with an almost questioning gaze. "Patton's starting this drive for the local shelter. He wants to start these adoption days but he's got to get the word out and fund so he's throwing a fundraiser." Roman's eyes narrowed as Virgil jumped to start another bowl. There was just so much to do. "He liked the cupcake I gave him before so he asked if I could help with the goods and... well you don't say no to Patton.

"What are you doing now?" Virgil laughed a little as Roman propped his head up with his arms on the counter watching with wide eyes as he tilted his head. Virgil was proud of his month with the Gingerbread Bitch. He laughed a bit as he added a smidge more sugar than the normal recipes call for. Then again he wasn't using a normal one. He was using hers. The very recipes she had in her little cookbook that Virgil stole and read and mesmerized while he was locked up in her cage. 

"Tiramisu cupcake... Remy requested something coffee-like." As Virgil finished pouring them in the last batch got switched out for the new one and he went back to icing, now focusing on the plain chocolate. It really was a lot to do on his own.

"Would you like some help?" Virgil smiled as he shoved the icing into Roman's hands with a laugh towards Roman's stunned expression.

"Well, since you offered." Roman chuckled a bit as he set to icing what Virgil didn't get to as Virgil went to make another new batch. One good thing about Auradons kitchen. They have a surplus of everything! Virgil frowned in thought until he spoted Roman with his tongue peaking out as he concentrated. He nearly choked. "H-Hey Roman?"

"Yeah?" Roman never looked up from what he was doing as Virgil just smiled over at him. 

"What's your favorite cupcake?" Roman paused if only for a bit before shaking himself from his thoughts and going back to icing.

"Chocolate I guess... although I love when they use marshmallows for decoration. Marshmallows and chocolate are just the best!" Roman finished before looking over at Virgil with a confused smile. "Why do you ask?" Virgil just shrugged. "What's your favorite?"

"Don't have one." Roman laughed as Virgil set to making the chocolate cupcake mix. "I never actually ate a cupcake before." Virgil didn't notice the shock in Roman as he finished the mix switching it out and putting it in the oven. "Do you mind finishing up the Tiramisu?" Roman shook his head as he set to work making Virgil laugh.

"What do you mean you've never had one before?"

"Well, I was offered some at one point but it wasn't worth the trouble." Roman frowned as Virgil starting pulling more things out to make a filling. "I mean it was easy choice to make... Hansel and Gretel did it." The sound of something crashing to the ground startled Virgil making him freeze up. Roman was just standing there staring at the anxious boy with shock filled eyes.

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