Queen of the Forest

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I never told the boys my little human secret, the reason I left the hut every night. I was busy training my new body. It was stronger than my last, more durable, flexible, and as odd as it was my senses heightened; I could hear the foxes paws lightly rustle the leaves as it approached a rabbit, I smelled the blood of the hopper as I lazily watched from the top of a tree. My vision zeroed in on the blotch of orange, my body flowing on its own instinct, catching a branch here to there, jumping tree from tree, chasing the flashes of my prey.

When it came to smaller creatures it was more of a catch and release system now. I seem to have discovered a final ability that was quite questionable, but still made sense. I could grow at will; become as tall as a tree to as small as a mouse. 

I realized It was more so due to the government's experiments on Rei so long ago, still to think I was now in possession of this small girls body... It seems this cat like form was more durable than my last form; best reincarnation, or whatever this is, I've ever had.

I was a true cat of the night, Catwoman couldn't compare to the freedom I had constructed in my forest. I hunted many creatures in the silence, theirs screams couldn't reach the hearts of most as this was "apart of nature".

Soon I noticed I had grown quite the reputation among other animals in my human form. "Night stalker." I release a small giggle, memories of a job emerged. "Night stoker..." soon I burst into tear filled laughter at an old joke.

"Huh? Who's that?" I gasped, immediately stopping my laughter. Looking down at the blonde child, I tensed as he searched up in the dark. He looked up at me, curiosity and fear fluttering into his narrowed eyes, straining up into the dark. I quickly shifted back into a gentle feline, and let out an innocent mew; jumping down onto his shoulders.

"Oh? Rose? I could have sworn I heard someone laughing." I tilted my head at the blonde as he scratched his neck in thought. "All well if it's not a threat then i guess it's okay." he shrugged, then after a moment his eyes locked onto my own and smiled, "wanna sleep at my place tonight?" I mewed, happy to agree and allowed him to walk us back to the confines of his small tree house.

I decided to hunt with Sabo this time, gathering a bit of money, scaring a crowd or two of people, the usual. Today Ace's hull was the largest, the gold and jewels glistened in the sunlight. "Whoa! You got a lot! way more than Rose and I did." He smirked up at Ace and I flicked my tail in interest. "That's a lot of money, how did you get all of that?!"

"I robbed some thugs near the main gate!" He smirked proudly holding his pipe up. Sabo shifted through the cash quickly counting it. "Dam you win again."

"It doesn't matter if you win or lose." This caught Sabo's attention, "it's been years since we started to put money in our 'Pirate savings'." We all looked into the moneys hiding place within the tree. "We worked hard for it." they both smiled at each other for a moment.

"Yes we did." Sabo said, now standing up and looking out over the forest and into the oceans surface. "we're gonna leave the East Blue and go somewhere these people have never dreamed of. Its so exciting just to think about it." A calm breeze flowed through us and I smiled thinking of all the adventures they did have, would have.

"Now put it away. We can't let anybody to see it." Of course the soft moment was ruined by Ace's words. Sabo chuckled and sat back down, "I wonder how much we need to get a pirate ship." My ear twitched at the sound and I looked down smiling as I now noticed him, he smiled up at us when the blonde boy said the magic word.

"A pirate ship?!" Sabo slammed the trap door shut in a panic "You guys! Are you gonna become pirates?!" Luffy yelled happily and waved his arms up at us "O Niku and I are gonna be pirates too!"

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