Chapter 8 - Bella from Twilight, really dude?

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Chapter 8

He broke down then and there, in the middle of the cafeteria, silencing eveybody. I mean, it wasn't normal to see a guy who looked like a real bad-boy crying, was it?

"Come on, Lee, I'll take you," I said at a normal volume, forgetting everything had gone quiet. I put my arms around Leon's waist and pulled him up to standing.

Using me as a leaning post, and with Elliot following behind, Leon stumbled out the door leaving behind us a very shocked cafeteria

We got to Leon's car, and he handed me the keys to his GORGEOUS black Mercedes. Lucky!!

I quickly got in the drivers side, whilst Leon clambered in the passenger seat, still sobbing, with Elliot in the back. The car was awkwardly quiet, so I turned on the radio, hoping it would ease the tension.

Unfortunately, the song that came on was Walk Away by The Script. As much as I liked this song, and believe me I loved it, it wasn't the most suitable song to at that moment. It was as suitable as saying to someone whose dad just died, 'So, how's your dad?'

Yeah, it was that unsuitable.

I hastily changed channels, and settled on a station that was playing Firework by Katy Perry. Slightly better.

It only took 10 minutes to get to Leon's house, which was only a road down from mine. It was a gorgeous house, with a lush green garden out front and fencing leading up to a crystal white house that was a good 3 stories high. Typical Leon's mum. Their family had always been well off, and Sarah, Leon's mum, had no problem flaunting it.

However, now was not the time to enjoy the setting, we had to stop Leon's "father". If I was Leon, I wouldn't call him dad, he has done too much to everybody, and not good things, to be called dad. I would know.

I cut the engine and looked over at Leon. He was staring wide eyed at the house, terrified. He looked like a little boy whose mummy was being threatened. Actually, that wasn't far off.

Gaining new found courage (it might've helped that I trusted Leon and Elliot enough) I said encouragingly to Leon: "Come on, Lee. Bella needs you."

From behind me, Elliot let out a snort. I turned to give him the most evil glare I could muster as now was really not the time to be snorting. Leon's family was in danger.

Elliot quickly turned his snort into a cough, and smiled sheepishly at me.

"Sorry, Lana. It's just that my little sister was reading Twilight to me last night."

I gave him a skeptical look, that said, 'Hmm, of course she did.'

"Come on dude," Elliot urged Leon, either not getting my look or ignoring it. "Go be Bella's Edward. Except without the vampire part."

It was Leon's turn to give Elliot a dirty look. Elliot raised his hands in defeat and sighed: "I'll shut up now."

"Good plan dude." I said.

I clambered out of the car and went round to the passengers side. I pulled open the door and dragged Leon out of the car and up the pathway to his front door.

However, just as Leon was reaching for the door knob, we heard a high-pitched scream of agony. It was Bella.

Leon paled, but quickly became red in the face from anger. He didn't even bother opening the door using the handle. Instead, he lifted his leg to waist height and lashed out, smashing open the door.

It was impressive.

Leon's POV

We were approaching the front door, when I heard a painfilled scream, that could only belong to Bella.

I paled at the thought of what that bastard could be doing to her, which was quickly over ridden with anger. I couldn't even be bothered to use the door handle. I vented my anger out by lifted up my leg, and smashing through the front door. Thank God for karate lessons as a kid.

I threw a quick glance at Lana, who also looked pale. I'm not surprised, Bella was like her little sister, she always had been.

I wasted no time in rushing through the now open dooway, and into the lounge, which is where I guessed the screamed had come from.

I was right, and the scene before me made my blood boil, like it was being heated at 3000 degrees.

There on the rug, was my sister, eyes squeezed shut, clothes torn, being raped. By my dad.

I lunged at my dad, ripping him off Bella. I spun him round so he was facing me, before pounding my fist into his face, over and over again, hoping to triple the pain he caused Bella, just now, and over all the years.

He had blacked out a while ago, but still I did not stop. I was blind with rage, wanting to kill this monster for all the pain he had caused my family.

Suddenly, my arms were grabbed from behind, and I was struggling to get free to end that bastard's life. But the person behind me was strong, and I couldn't get out of his grasp.

I breathed in and out deeply, for about 5 minutes cooling down before turning to thank whoever stopped me from killing him. I wouldn't have regretted it if I had, but a jail sentence for murder didn't seem so great.

"Thanks, dude," I muttered to Elliot, who stood there, a solemn look on his face.

"it's ok, man, but now, you have deal with Bella and Lana."

"Lana?!" what the hell did he mean, Lana was right...

I looked over at the doorway where Lana had been standing, to find that she wasn't there anymore. Instead, she was in a pile on the floor.

"What the heck happened to her?"

"Dunno, Leon. I came in here and she was like that. But I think you should worry about Bella."

"You're right. I'll take Bella, you take Lana, and we'll go to the hospital. Bella needs to be seen and I wNt to know how my mum is doing."

Elliot nodded and scooped up Lana into his arms.

What an eventful day, and not a good eventful.

Lana's POV

I followed behind Leon into the lounge. I froze when I saw what was happen.

Leon's dad.

Ripped clothes.

Pained expression.


The memories hit me like a ton of bricks.

Suddenly, it wasn't Bella being raped. It was me.

It seemed like only yesterday, and the memories where too clear. My vision started to go blurry, as I started losing consciousness.

My last thought was, Jenna could never guess my secret.

The secret that I was raped by my best friend's dad.

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