That One Time We Stopped A Robbery

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The first half of Emma's day was pretty normal. She went to each of her classes and didn't see Peter or talk to him at all. She even met this really cool, dark humored girl named MJ. But then lunch came around. Ned caught up with Emma and asked her to sit with them. Of course, Emma agreed. 

She made her way to the lunchroom and plopped down next to Ned with her lunch. Soon Peter walked in and sat on the other side of Ned. Then a conversation between the two boys picked up and all 3 of them started having an intense conversation about star wars. Emma and Peter were still short with each other and even Ned could sense it. 

Once the bell rang, it was time for Emma to go to Chemistry. And lucky for her she had that class with Peter. Peter sat down in the seat farthest from her and the entire class period went fine until everyone was assigned lab partners. And because fate hated Emma, the teacher paired them together. 

Peter reluctantly grabbed his stuff and sat next to her quietly. No word was spoken to one another. The whole time Peter was tapping his foot anxiously like he was waiting for something. Emma scoffed and rolled her eyes, catching Peter's attention. 

"Do you have a problem or something?" Peter asked sharply

"Ya, you. Stop tapping your foot. It's annoying."

"Ya well go back to where you came from, then maybe I will." Peter shot back

Emma rolled her eyes once more "Are you scared that I'm gonna replace you as the city's hero?" She whispered harshly

Peter chuckled dryly "Please last time we fought you couldn't even hold up some rubble without going unconscious."

Right as he said that, the last bell of the day rang and Emma shot out of her seat, trying to get away from him as fast as possible.

She made her way outside where she saw Happy waiting for her. She got into the car and let out a frustrated scream. 

Happy raised an eyebrow in confusion. 

"Two Words. Peter. Parker." 

Happy just chuckled and drove off. The whole car ride he was the only thing on her mind. He got under her skin so easily, something about his puppy dog eyes brought out every weakness inside of her. All Emma wanted to do was kick the cuteness right out of him. 

They finally got to the Avengers complex and he was still on her mind. Emma shook her head. Putting on her suit, she decided to go for a fly to clear her mind. She stepped onto her balcony and looked over the beautiful city. Using her levitation abilities, she rose into the air and flew off.

Flying through the streets of New York was exhilarating. Emma could feel her mind already drifting from Peter. She flew for so long she didn't realize that it was already dark. She shot Pepper a quick text telling her she wasn't gonna be at dinner. 


The sound rang throughout the dark streets of New York. Emma's heartbeat quickened. She immediately lifted off the ground and flew towards where it came from. She landed in front of an ATM corner where she saw the boy in red and blue tights trying to fight off five thugs all by himself. 

Emma let out a sigh of annoyance. She opened the door and immediately began to fight a thug that came at her. He threw a punch at her face, but she easily blocked it and blasted him backwards. All was going well, and her and Peter even started to work together until they brought out these weird futuristic weapons. 

They used it to levitate Peter off the ground and Emma blasted the thug that was doing it, but she didn't see the other weapon behind her. Peter screamed her name and a huge blast sent her crashing through the glass wall onto the street. 

The glass shards cut through her skin and she let out a scream of pain. Peter was still fighting them off until another blast lit the deli store across the street on fire. Not soon after the thugs ran away.

Peter ran up to her quickly. "See? You shouldn't have come! Now you're badly cut and its my fault!" Peter yelled, angrier than Emma had ever seen him.

"Peter I can handle myself. I came down here because you clearly were losing." 

Peter rolled his eyes. "Emma you could've gotten killed, and you know who's fault that would've been? Mine."

Emma just scoffed and rolled her eyes, attempting to stand up before she let out a scream in pain and fell to the ground again. Tears welled up in her eyes as she tried not to show her pain. "Go home Peter. I'm fine"

The silence rang out.  For a minute, Emma thought he actually left. Then she felt a pair of strong arms scoop her up. "Am I hurting you" He asked quietly

Emma just shook her head, not even trusting her own words. Soon enough Peter shot his webs and they were swinging through New York once more. 

Before Emma knew it, Peter landed outside her balcony and opened the door to her room. "Tony can't know I got hurt. He'll never let me go out again"

Peter just sighed once more and walked her into the bathroom, setting her down on the sink. Peter took off his mask and they made eye contact for the first time that night. "A-are you wearing a t-tank top underneath?"

Emma nodded her head and she took off the upper half of her suit as Peter got bandaids and gauze. After about 30 minutes of him fixing her up, she was good as new. Peter helped her get up and brought her to her bed. He nodded at her slightly then started to head for the balcony door. 

"Peter" Emma's voice rang out

Peter turned around and looked at her questioningly

"Thank you" 

Peter smiled lightly and nodded at her again hopping off the balcony and into the night. 

Emma's thoughts were consumed with Peter. One part of her was annoyed with him. He was Arrogant, Reckless, and Cocky. But then, there was the part of her that knew he just saved her big time and that maybe he does have a heart under the red and blue spandex. 

Emma rolled her eyes and shook the thoughts out of her mind. Soon enough she closed her eyes and let sleep overtake her.

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