Professor Gabriel and Her 101 Posse

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“I ain’t afraid of nothing, Prof.”


He ripped the blindfold off and my head flipped back. It took a moment before my eyes adjusted to the poorly lit room which appeared to be in an attic.


“Sorry we scratched your face up, Prof but you put up quite a fight when we tried to get you in the van. You didn’t want to come. Now that was not nice refusing my invitation.”


“LK, what are you doing? Do you plan to kill me?”


I asked almost goading him. I had no idea what I was doing. All I felt was anger that was making me stupidly fearless.


“ Haven’t decided yet, Prof. Maybe I will give you to my boys. They like some fresh meat. Maybe I’ll just leave you here to do some public speaking with no one to hear you.”


He started laughing.


“What is this about, LK? Why would you add kidnapping to this whole mess?”


He got quiet and just looked at me for a very long time.


“LK, it is not too late to undo this. Can we talk about this and try to figure out what to do so neither of us gets hurt…”


He walked out of the room, down some stairs and left the building. I was on the verge of panic. I thought of my husband receiving a call from the college telling him that I never showed up for my morning class and had not called in. By now everyone must be looking for me. They would find my car. They would know that something had happened to me against my will. Wouldn’t they? They would know that I had been threatened in my classroom recently. They would figure it out. Wouldn’t they?

9:30 AM Speech 101 Class…


“Where is she?


She’s never late.”

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