Professor Gabriel and Her 101 Posse

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“Get out of my classroom now,” I repeated my eyes locked into his.


Without turning my gaze away from my assailant, I asked one of my students to leave the class and get security. It was at that moment LK walked out of our classroom slamming the door.


None of us moved. Within seconds security arrived. I went into the hall to speak to them. My students started buzzing.


Their sound got louder and louder as the pitch of their anxiety and shock increased.


I came back inside the classroom.


Security locked our door from the outside and went looking for the offender. My class asked me if I was ok.


“I was sure he was going to hit you,” someone said.


“Yeah, I thought he was going to pound you,” another added. “I thought he was going to pick up that desk and pound you.”


“We had your back, Professor. We had your back.”


This comment from several of my young male students caught me off guard and touched me deeply. I looked at their faces. My community college students were thinking of protecting me while I had been obsessed with being their protector.


“ Is everyone alright?” I asked softly.


At that moment we heard the door handle move. There was a small window on the door. He was back. He pushed hard on the door and when it would not open, he started kicking it and spitting on it.


My students started to scream. Some began to cry.


“He can’t get in,” I assured them. “Someone give me your cell phone.”


By the time security responded to my call, he was gone.


After class security told me that they thought he had left campus. He had verbally attacked the librarian a month earlier and was on probation. They asked me to notify them when I was leaving campus. They wanted to escort me to my car. I asked them if that was really necessary but they insisted. Secretly I was relieved.

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