Professor Gabriel and Her 101 Posse

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Elynne Chaplik-Aleskow


He was in my face. The eyes of my class were on me. The class sat frozen as he stood over me screaming and swearing.


“You bitch. You ain’t gonna teach me nothin. You fucking bitch.”


He looked like he was going to hit me. I braced myself.


The need to protect my college class of 25 public speaking students emboldened me.


He had me cornered between the door and the wall.


Overtly calm, I reached over and opened the classroom door.


“Leave,” I said, my eye contact holding his eyes. I was looking up because he was so much taller. “Leave now,” I repeated.


I did not yell back at him. I was their Professor. I had to keep the others as calm as possible. I was afraid for them and for myself.


“You fucking bitch.”

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