The Random Pizza Dude

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It was one of those days when Zoey and I were drinking red bull and it actually didnt give us wings, we really expected it but we were wrong. DAMN US! Anyway we were running around the apartment in pj's pretending to be drunk. When suddenly the electricity when out and the doorbell rang at the same time, zoey fortunately ran to the weapon room and got ourself some guns and a sword. She was so dumb she actually got weapons.

As I (Annis) opened the door, it was a short chinese dude saying : I delieva yo pizza  

" We didnt order any pizza, I think its the next door neighbor who always partys " Said Annis.  

As Zoey came around hiding her gun under her shirt shes whispers to Annis " Is it trouble? Should I shoot him?  "

 " Not now "Said Annis.

Chinese dude: I wan maney, yo wan pizza! I delieva yo pizza  

" WE DIDNT ORDER PIZZA get lost!  "


Annis: What a stubborn guy!  

Zoey: Should I shoot him now and hide him in the neighbors house?  

Annis: Get the plastic bags ready!

By the time I said that, he said : I see yo gun!  

Zoey bangged the door in his face, he then rang the bell again. Zoey opened the door again and he said : Why yo close da do on ma face?! Oh I see yo have gun, well I have SAMURAI SWORD!  

Where is it? Dumbass! said Annis.  

HEA in ma pizza box, I use it fo people like yo.

Suddenly Zoey remembers an interuppting program by China's most wanted Pizza Dude!  

Annis said are the pistols inside or should we just pay him.  

The dude said: I don wait foreva, eitha yo shoot ma, pay ma or battle with ma!

We pay you and shoot you and then we take our money back and hide you in the neighbors house in a corner and your chinese pizza ass will never be found. Trust us were professionals!

OoooooHhhh!!! Ma mada will find yo, please wait. said the pizza dude  

As he turns his back on us Annis says: Until then!!!!!!  

Zoey says: Yo just come back and take the money!

He turns around with a million doller smile on his face, snatching the money and saying: HAHA losers, I dont have a Samurai sword and runs away!  

Zoey and I had a defeated facial expression on our faces looking through the hallway


Annis: I agree, what a smart ass chinese pizza dude!


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