Chapter 1

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I awoke in my bed on one of the hottest day's in June, faffing around with my cover as I tried to get back to sleep in the uncomfortable heat but it was a task. I sat forward and looked at my alarm clock, it was 1:20pm!
After getting ready I packed up my stuff to go down to my personal dance studio, how could the owner and CEO be late to her own building?!

Three cold hazelnut Frappes and two dance classes later I rested in my office, flying through some of my personal emails that were directly for me and not my PA to sort out, a couple sent from my friends in Michigan, one being Tanya who I'd not seen for a full year and another from Karlies aunt Sarah, just as I read through them Karlie turned up with lunch, smiling with bright eyes as ever as she came strutting in with her freshly coloured chestnut hair, quite the change from the natural baby blonde but she suited it far better,

"Your Audi is a pain to drive" she took a seat opposite from my desk and through down my keys,

"Erm Karls you go buy your own car then and stop complaining at mine" I chuckled as she passed me my subway lunch,

"It's so small inside, I feel like I'm climbing out of a bucket or something" she licked some escaped sauce on her index finger,

"Yeah well we're both an 8 so you can't complain you're fat and don't fit the new seats" I chuckled into the bite of my sub,

"See that's what I don't get, how can you get that squatted up hind in and out of those little sports car seats, I mean i find it hard with this little thing" she shifted her eyes to her tush,

"Shut up" I blushed and mumbled underneath my hand as I attempted to keep my food in from the smile I had on my face,

"Have you been talking to Aunt Sarah?"

"Yeah... I have an email here from her now, she's umm, she's asking how we all are and if we have any plans to meet her soon"

"She mentioned it to me but, I wasn't sure if you wanted to ever go out there again" we both looked at each other in silence...

"I don't see why not. It could be good for business if I go to my old dance agency and talk to them about my own business then maybe I can get some American promotion going on?"

"Jodie..." She eyed me, "We both know I'm not talking about your 'business' here..." She quoted with her fingers,

"Oh you're on about Marshall? He won't even notice I'm there if I even did go back" I huffed,

"It's only been what, nearly a couple of years? You can't forget someone you're in love with over that small of a time scale"

"To be honest Karlie, I don't think he was ever that in love with me, it was lust, otherwise we wouldn't have gone separate ways like we did... Again"

"What? How can you say he didn't love you, the guy almost walked you down the isle did he not?"

"You mean after he kept giving me an engagement ring and taking it back because it was bad for his image, no I don't think we even came close to marriage at all Karls" I played with the straw in the top of my frappe, dipping it up and down before taking a sip,

"You did... I'm sorry but any celebrity that goes public with a relationship to a nobody has to be in love"

"A nobody?" I gasped jokingly,

"Well at the time is what I meant, obviously now your like your own little celebrity"

"Why thank you" I winked, joking around as we both giggled,

"What happened with you two anyway? You never told me?"

"Between me and Marshall? Wow ermm..." I had to think, "Well... I left him to go home for a brake after Christmas, he went back on tour, and then I flew out to see him a couple of times here and there and he just changed Karlie, so we argued over the phone, he called me some absolutely horrible things, erm, said I was an evil bitch for leaving his little girls and it escalated from there, I just stopped messaging him back or replying to his calls and it died out" I shrugged my shoulders which helped me shrug away the teary eyed feeling,

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