Untitled part 16

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I turned my head to see my brother at the door. My face flushed and I quickly get up: "It's not what it looks like", I really don't know why I said that but it was more an instinct. Noen also got up, he smoothed his shirt and said a short goodbye excusing himself that he forgot the time or something and left. I wasn't really listing to any of it more focused on my brother.

Javi didn't look angry, just tired I guess. "Look I do not care who you fuck." "We didn't, we're just-" He let out a groan: "I don't care. But instead of lying maybe you should try to be honest. At least try it sometimes for a change." My brother let himself fall on my bed and kicked his shoes off: "I know about your unethical relationship with Benji."

My jaw dropped: "W-what? I what?" My brain was unable to find the right words. The whole complex of language seemed intact. "Jorgie, despite what you may think I am not stupid." I was overthinking every single situation  right now. Haven't we been careful enough? "Also Benji told me."

My stomach dropped and my mouth became dry: "when?" I let myself drop next to my brother on the bed.  He laid his hand on my shoulder sympathetic. "I guess it was sometime during the first week. Benji came to me and shared his feelings for you and stuff." The situation wasn't getting better and I felt like fainting any second. "But why would he do that?", my voice was only a breathy whisper. "He asked for my permission. Kinda cute, I must admit. Look I know it's a very weird situation and all but I really think you and Benji can be happy together."

Then I was nearly crying again: "What about mum? She is so happy." Javi laughed:" Pff. It's mum we are talking about. As if she would ever marry and settle down. Most likely she will pack our suitcases next month again and move to Tokyo or something." I smiled thankfully at my brother. "But Javi, I think she is serious. She told me they have set the wedding date for next week." To my surprise, he only laughed at me. Wiping tears out his eyes he said: "And you believed her of course. Aww, you are so naive. If she really had a date why does no one knows it? You know her ability of keeping secrets. She doesn't have one! If that's really whats holding you back, I'm sorry, but you're stupid."

I gave him an angry glare:" But what if it is serious and look at Paula she is so happy her and you... You both have your own room, you like the school and everything. Also maybe this is mum's chance to finally go steady. I won't be the one to destroy this."  Javi shifted closer so he could hug me: "You worry too much bro. Paula is always happy. It's just her spirit. She would be happy living in a cardboard box as long she has us. And Mum is the last thing you have to worry about like I said she'll find a new fiance at the time Andre wants to become serious."

I leaned into my brother's embrace, feeling better already:" And what about you? What did you say when Benji told you?" He pushed me away smirking looking in my eyes: "I said if this motherfucker is going to hurt my big bro he has to fight me. You know, I'll always protect you. You are my best friend, I don't care if I have to share a room with your annoying ass for the rest of my life." Encouraging he hit my shoulder, maybe a bit too strong. "You could never beat Benji. He has abs, a six-pack even, really hot and muscular.", I contoured

Quickly Javi stood up: "Ewh enough gay talk, I'm leaving."  Before he left the room he turned to me one last time and said: "Since you have my blessing, you may want to go and make up with your boyfriend.", with a followed wink.

I trowed a pillow at him, but it only hit the door since he was already out of my room. I pulled out my phone and scrolled throw my contacts. Please forgive me.

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