⭐️Denki Kaminari⭐️

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E is for Electrostimulation

Having been secretly dating Kaminari for almost two years, you'd think that you would've fooled around by now.

But every time he tries to get something going, you back out. Not because your saving yourself for marriage or anything, more or less you're afraid. Anxiety gets the better of you.
Kaminari isn't a virgin. But you are.

It's your third year at U.A.
Kaminari and you are still together but it's odd. It doesn't look like you two are together, it looks like you're best friends.

You get flustered easily so if Kaminari kisses you in public you become a tomato in 0.2 seconds. He knows that you don't like to be embarrassed and he respects that so, he keeps the PDA on the low. He'll hold your hand though whenever you want.

If you're just sitting around during lunch, not talking, you'll hold his out of comfort. You don't mind the comfortable silence between you two, you just wanna hold him while it's silent.

Your quirk is called Zap. It doesn't do much but you can send a little electric charge through the tips of your fingers, which can be extremely powerful. But you aren't in the Hero course at UA, you work in the Development Studio making gadgets with Mei Hatsume as a Support Course student. You charge the batteries for the gadgets using your quirk. Occasionally though you'll charge it too much and it'll explode, or you'll zap something already charged and it will activate on full power almost immediately.

"(L/n)! Can you charge this battery for my baby real quick!" Mei's question sounded more like a command..

"Sure, toss it." You held your hand up behind you while keeping your eyes on the project before you. You felt the battery hit your hand and you activated your quirk, a short circuit shock running through your finger tips and into the battery.

"Heads up!" You called, throwing the battery back. Mei caught it and stuck it into a machine in her hand. You stared down at your project and wrote down some notes before Mei's machine exploded.

"Shi—" You started but covered your mouth as the smoke started to fill the room.

"My bad Hatsume! I must've over did it again!" You yelled through the smoke. As it cleared, you saw the explosion had knocked down the door and Mei had been thrown outside.

"Ah shoot, Mei!" You dropped what you were doing and ran to check on her. Upon notice, you meet Midoriya, Ochako and Kaminari from Class 1-A.

Mei has knocked over Izuku as is flat on top of his body. She starts talking to him, oblivious to Izuku's discomfort and Ochako's jealousy. You bend down and pull the girl to her feet, helping Izuku up afterward. You put your (f/c) goggles on your head, looking at the three hero students.

"Hey guys, what can I help you with? Costume modifications?" You ask, beckoning them into the studio. Izuku nods and follows you along with the other two students. You brush the dust from the smoke off your notebook and flip to a page specifically for Izuku.

"Alright Izu, what is it you're looking for? Your suit is quite basic so making a few adjustments shouldn't be too difficult. We already made the modifications to your gloves like you asked and I do hope they were helpful." You click your pen, ready to write the requests of the broccoli boy.

"Um yeah. The gloves worked great... I wanted to see if you or Hatsume could come up with a way for me to use my legs more—" Mei then came up and started to suggests some of her equipment. Izuku was having a tough time saying no.

"Mei! He's looking for modifications to his suit, not new babies." You said. She looked at you and nodded, turning back to her work. Izuku sighed and came back to you.

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